10 Motivation To Lose Weight

Motivation can lay dormant even when we want to move forward. Desire must be met with equal will. The chief problem in a lack of motivation is the fear of failure. By making goals more realistic, they can be achieved. Distractions and a lack of self-assurance are the two biggest reasons losing weight is so hard to achieve. Losing Weight can be met by applying ten methods to your daily routine.

Lose weight Motivation


Think of tangible ideas for your personal situation. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working dad, college student, etc., you can apply goals and solutions to how you are going to getting to the weight loss mindset. For instance, almost every college campus has some sort of a exercise facility. You’re spending a great deal of your time there anyway, why not hit the gym instead of dining commons?

Use Deadlines

Plans are the difference between dreams and goals. Treat your goal like any other job. Set aside daily, weekly, or monthly goals. If your goal is to have an overall good bill of health, then set a deadline for that and create personal steps that will aid you in achieving the goal on time.

Use Start Dates

Deadlines are useless unless your goals also have a start date. Realistic start dates are also another factor in successful weight loss. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to start immediately, then that’s okay. Planning on starting away would only set you up for failure.

Find a Support System

Motivation works best when you’re not alone. Find friends or neighbors with a similar health goal in mind. Check in with each other to keep yourselves on track. This accountability will keep your goals in line if it’s brought up in conversation. Having family members go along with you in your weight loss goals is also helpful. It’s definitely more difficult to eat a green salad when everyone around you is gobbling down a half pound cheeseburger.

Keep Track of Progress

As you work toward your goal, stop to record important milestones. If you’re starting an exercise program, record every progress, whether it is lifting a heavier weight, or running a longer distance. When progress has halted, look back to see everything that’s been accomplished.

Look At All Aspects Of You Health

When you are aware of all aspects of your health, you feel a sense of accomplishment, which ultimately motivates you to improve it even more. Creating goals to lower cholesterol, improve brain function, and other health goals, can all motivate you to improve other aspects of your life.

Specify Goals

Once your goal is in place, breaking it down into smaller parts will make it seem much easier to attempt. If you want to lose weight, don’t have your goal be the number on the scale. Instead, make your goal to go jogging every night or cut out a certain food. Another helpful goal is to work until you feel good about where you are health wise.

Reward Yourself With Success

One cause of demotivation is an inappropriate reward system. A lack of self-control can turn a “reward” into hours of television, or bags of salty snacks. Instead, do not reward yourself until all work for the day or week is finished. On another note, when rewarding yourself, you can’t go crazy. Reward yourself with things that you like, but everything has to be in moderation.

Don’t Get Off Track

Whatever you do, stay in the routine you have created for yourself, so it eventually becomes a habit. As soon as it becomes second nature, becoming a healthier you will become a no brainier. If you do end up of the health conscious course, you don’t have to worry. There is no need to start all over again, starting from your last big goal should do the trick.

Surround Yourself With Motivational Media

During your down time, watch inspiring films and read inspiring books. What you consume is what you produce. Watching TV shows about people who have been successful at losing weight is a helpful resource of ideas for your own effort. Not all of their techniques will work for you, but it is something to learn from.

Having trouble finding motivation is a common problem. This happens especially when we are facing other outside diversions. Simplifying larger weight loss goals into smaller ones helps you understand how you are going to achieve these goals, while making the idea of weight loss a friendly one.

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