10 Reasons Why Your Diet Isn't Working

You may not know this, but 95 percent of diets fail. That’s why there’s a continual cycle of diet and weight gain; if 100 percent of diets worked you would just have to do it once, and then you’d have the skills, knowledge, and willpower to stay healthy.

But a diet doesn’t always fail because you’ve been sneaking brownies or because you forgot to work out one day. Often it’s because the diet itself is flawed. Here are 10 reasons your diet isn’t working:


Focus Only on Calorie Intake

There is more to how your body functions than just calories. Obviously calories are an important element of your overall health, but a good diet is one that moves beyond a myopic approach to wellbeing that focuses on simply counting calories.

Wrong Types of Food

You may decide to only eat foods of a certainly food group, or color, or density, or color spectrum. While there are plenty of foods you should avoid, only eating one specific food isn’t the way to get healthy.

Toxins are everywhere, from the foods you eat to the air you inhale. Over time, they can essentially clog your system, making it hard for you to use weight. Spend some time on a cleansing diet or talk to your doctor about something a little more thorough. This will help you look a whole lot better

You Don’t Count Liquid Calories

Sure, you may be watching what you eat but what about what you drink? Are you having a lot of sugary sports drinks when you exercise? Or are you drinking sodas or beers or fruit drinks regularly? These can all have a huge impact on your diet.

You Adhere To Someone Else’s Diet

While there are some general principles which hold true for everyone, your body is different than anyone else’s. Your body is going to react differently and function differently, so you can’t simply base your diet on what worked for someone else. Instead, adapt to what works for you, taking into account good ideas from other people and other diets.

You Skip Meals

Skipping meals is not dieting; it’s starving yourself and messing with your metabolism. Your body needs energy throughout the day, so if a diet suggests you skip a meal, it’s likely not going to end well.

You Snack During the Day

Your body needs to have a reason to burn off the stored energy it has (you know, fat). If you’re constantly giving it energy, your body is going to be using that energy instead of breaking down and using its stored energy. Eating good food won’t mean a darn thing if your portions are too large. Some people try to eat one or two giant meals a day, and then they end up staying at the same weight forever. You should eat several small portions throughout the day so your body has time to digest the food. Instead of three square meals, you might have five or six triangular ones. You’ll still be eating the same amount of food in the end, but the reduced portions will greatly improve your chances of losing weight


There’s more to health than just diet and exercise. There are outside influences which can have an impact on how your body metabolizes what you eat. Stress can have a huge impact on whether your diet works, so do what you can to limit the stress in your life.

You Stop after Meeting Your Goal

You may not want to hear it, but you’ll actually never be done with your health. Even if you hit your goal weight, you’re going to have to alter your lifestyle. You can’t keep doing what you were doing before and expect different results. Using products like Slim G can help you to maintain weight loss, even after your diet program has finished.

No Plan

Bodies love routines, and they adapt to them pretty quickly. Have you ever woken up a minute or two before your alarm went off? That’s your body responding to a routine. If your schedule is messy, your body may hold onto food for fear that it may have to go without. Get on a regular schedule so it can adjust.

If your thought is to just wing it and figure it out as you go, your diet likely isn’t going to work. You’re going to have to do the research necessary to prepare yourself, and then follow through on those plans. If you really do want to see a positive change in your body, you need to stay committed to your diet. Don’t go off it for a few days and splurge. Stick with the plan until you see results. The more focused you are, the more likely you are to lose weight

It’s Just a Diet

At the end of the day, if you’re just doing a diet you’re not going to see long-term results. You need to focus not just on what you eat, but also lifestyle, education, biology, and other various influences.

It seems silly to say that you can “think” your way to a new body, but you really can. If you constantly think about how bad you look, you’re going to continue looking that way. Buy some new clothes and try to build up your confidence a bit. Then motivate yourself to look even better. This is all mind over matter. You just have to retrain your brain

So, at the end of the day, there may be a wealth of reasons why your diet isn’t working. The solution is to adopt a program that covers all your bases and doesn’t fall into the same traps as the vast majority of other diets. Fitness, nutrition, products, coaching, and support all are important in building a customizable program specifically tailored to your needs.

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