13 Health Problems Related To Obesity

Obesity can be stated as a medical term in which excess amount of fat starts to accumulate inside our body and finally give rise to some hazardous health problems. It can also decrease the life expectancy of an individual to a great extent. To avoid such negative result, following healthy dietary routine and exercise is a must for all. In this modern world, everyone is a working man or woman. They do not get time to look after their health and always end up eating food items which are full of unhealthy ingredients.

People, mainly the American citizens, love to eat fast foods like burgers, pizzas and French fries. These are made using unhealthy spices and excessive amount of oil which starts to accumulate inside our body just after its consumption. After a certain point of time, the accumulated fat starts giving rise to obesity and a bad structure of the physique. There are different types of important and hazardous illness that can also turn out to be fatal at some point of time. Some of the major diseases which people are falling into more often are mentioned below.

Health issues of being obese

Diseases related with obesity

  • 1. Cancer is the first and foremost disease which can take place due to obesity. It is incurable and the result is fatal at maximum point of time. There are various forms of cancer that can take place and it can only be avoided by living a healthy life.
  • 2. Diabetes is another well known and dangerous side effect of obesity. This can be stated as the disorder when the pancreas cannot produce the required amount of insulin needed by our body. This is a host disease which in turn can give rise to various other small illnesses if not taken proper care of. To cure this illness, injections are infused inside our body which is painful and costly at the same time.
  • 3. Enlarged heart can also be stated as another side effect of obesity. In this case, the size of heart enlarges due to overwork which is a natural cause of obesity.
  • 4. Congestive heart failure is the time when the heart cannot pump adequate amount of blood needed for proper functionality. It can give rise to heart attack at any point of time.
  • 5. Polycystic ovarian condition is the time when cysts start to develop inside the ovaries of women. If not operated at the right time, then these cysts can burst, giving rise to further dangerous problems.
  • 6. Pulmonary embolism is a time when blockage starts to occur inside our artery. When people start to gain weight then they also reduce their activity. Fat starts to accumulate inside the artery which results in embolism.
  • 7. Fatty liver syndrome is when large amount of fat starts to accumulate in the liver cells. This will harm the liver to a great extent.
  • 8. Erectile dysfunction is another important illness which can hamper marital life. It is the time when men cannot develop an erection.
  • 9. Hernia can be stated as an important illness that takes place when the hole, present inside the diaphragm enlarges due to feeble condition.
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  • 10. Chronic renal failure is the time when kidney fails to work properly. People, who are overweight, are more prone to these diseases.
  • 11. Urinary incontinence takes place when one cannot control the flow of urination. The bladder and the floor muscles of the pelvic turn weak.
  • 12. Stroke is the most common symptom of obesity. It can happen to anyone and at any point. It is the time when flow of blood supply stops in the brain and the brain fails to work properly. It gives rise to sudden death.
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  • 13. Depression is a mental condition which is highly associated with obesity. It is the time when an individual feels depressed and miserable. They can even think of committing suicide at some point of time.

Though the list is huge, still the above mentioned illnesses are some of the most common scenes in everyday life. Following a proper dietary routine, hard exercise and taking the help of herbal dietary pills and supplements can give rise to some fruitful results. It will not only help to prevent associated diseases but will also give rise to a perfect physique that one always desired for.

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