4 Great Exercises To Flatten Your Belly

Flatten Your Belly

Stomach exercises can help you tone your abdominal muscles and burn fat at the same time – besides, why spend money on expensive and dangerous aesthetic surgeries when you can benefit from the same results, quickly and without the hassle? If you workout at least three times a week, you will most likely notice encouraging results within several months. Here are four efficient and simple exercises for Flatten Your Belly, which can be performed by both men and women regardless of their fitness level:

Hula Hoops

It may sound a bit silly, but one of the best ways to get a tight, flat tummy is to do some hula hoops on a regular basis. Get a hula hoop and place it over the top of your waistline, hold it for a few seconds with both hands, make sure you maintain your balance and then start to rotate it around your body. In order to keep the ring spinning, all you have to do is to shift your body weight back and forth – this is the easiest method for beginners, although professionals can keep the hula hoop rotating by moving their hips in circular motion as well. Try to keep it spinning for as long as you can – this is a very demanding exercise that takes a lot of practice, but the final results are certainly worth the effort!

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to burn excess fat. Some of the most efficient exercises are cycling, swimming and jogging – they force your body to use more oxygen, which will boost the metabolism and turn it into a real fat burning machine. Moreover, they provide efficient training for all your body muscles, not just for your tummy. You do not have to exhaust yourself – 30 minute sessions are more than enough, as long as you do the exercises four to five times a week.

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Abdomen curls

This is another great way to obtain a strong, flat and sexy tummy. Lie down on your back on an exercise mat, place your hands on your lower back and keep your right leg on the floor and the left one extended. Slowly start to lift your elbows (and exhale at the same time), then let the air out as you contract the abdomen and elevate your shoulders several inches above the ground. The purpose of the exercise is to feel the abdominal muscles contracting – if you do, it means that the exercise is effective. Keep your stomach muscles contracted for 10 seconds, then relax a few seconds and repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.

Leg Drop-And-Holds

Last, but not least, you must also put leg drop-and-holds on your “to do” list of exercises. Lie down on your back on the exercise mat, keep your arms close to your body and both legs in an extended position. Inhale slowly and start to lift both legs as high as you can, keep them up for several seconds and then exhale and bring both of your feet down to the ground. Just like the abdomen curls, this exercise must be repeated for 10 times as well.

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Anybody can have a flat stomach, all it takes is ambition, determination and some knowledge related to nutrition and workouts. The information mentioned above can help you burn fat and get a slim, toned body within several months. This is a safe, natural and side effect-free alternative to scalpel! Good luck!

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