4 Ways To Sabotage Your Weight Loss Success

Those times when you have friends of family come to you for some weight loss advice, you can generally point them in the right direction by telling them one or two small changes that they need to implement to get the long term results that they are looking for.

A great example is if you have a friend comes to you for some tips to lose weight, and you know that she drinks like five cans of soda every single day… then all you need to tell her is to drop the cans of soda and replace them with water.

Weight Loss Success

Or that work mate of yours that is always in McDonald’s at lunch time… all you need to say to them when they come to you for help to losing fat is to cut the fast food and start eating more healthy and nutritious things.

But the reality is that these are really simple and obvious solutions to problems that are quite apparent to anyone who pays attention. What’s harder to figure out is why you’re not losing weight, despite living a healthy lifestyle.

You’ve been eating clean for as long as you can remember and you are living quite a healthy lifestyle but you’re still not losing the weight that you want to lose.

Well the reason for this is that you’re probably doing one of the following things that are unintentionally preventing you from losing the weight that you want to lose.

You’re Far Too Concerned With The Purity Of Your Diet

The only people out there that should be a little obsessive about the individual components of their meals are those people that suffer from some sort of food allergy. So if you’re a little sensitive to things like dairy, gluten or celiac then it is understandable that you would take the time to question the waiter down at the new restaurant you’re eating at, as to what your meal actually contains in it.

However if you’re quite healthy and you don’t suffer from any kind of food allergy then you’re wasting a lot of time and energy getting so worked up about food. All that added stress you are creating is not going to help you to lose the excess fat you want to lose.

Your main focus should be on getting the diet as healthy as possible and that’s it. Don’t try to be perfect because it will end up working against you.

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You Are Not Eating In Level With Your Lifestyle

If you’re in the gym every single day of you’re life, lifting heavy weights but still find that there is a layer of fat covering the abs, then perhaps it’s time you started to eat more healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes.

But on the other hand if you are not working out at such as intense level then you probably don’t need to change up your diet too much.

You really need to eat in accordance to the level that you physically exert yourself. This means that if you are working out really hard and on a regular basis then you need to eat more carbs to replenish all that muscle glycogen that you are burning up. But if all you do is go for a walk every now and again then perhaps you don’t need to eat as much in terms of carbs.

But keep in mind that if you are not getting in enough calories but you still continue to workout really hard then you will end up causing some serious damage to your adrenals and thyroid. This will prevent you from burning that excess fat that you are trying to lose.

You’re Not Exercising On a Consistent Basis

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of losing weight. Diet alone is only going to get you so far, and one of the most common reasons why people hit weight loss plateau’s is because they just don’t exercise on a consistent basis.

But please understand that just because you now exercise, it doesn’t give you the excuse to eat all the junk in the world. You have to main a clean and healthy diet if you want to see the benefits of the exercise that you do.

The largest benefit that you are going to experience as a result of doing exercise is the fact that your body will produce a lot more testosterone and growth hormone. On top of that your sensitivity to insulin will also improve… all these things will help you to lose a lot more weight in a shorter space of time.

Another great benefit of regular exercise is the fact that the food you now consume will go toward building up lean muscle mass instead of being stored up as fat.

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You’re Not Getting In Enough Calories

Yes, this might be a little counter intuitive but believe me, not eating enough can seriously hamper the amount of fat that you lose.

Even today people have the misconception that eating less is the key to losing the weight that they want to lose. Yes, you will lose a little weight initially but believe me over the long term you will just make your body hold onto every ounce of fat that you have on you.

Consistently not getting in enough calories is going to result in your body getting extremely stressed. This sort of stress will signal to your body that you are suffering from some sort of starvation, and hence your body will do whatever it can to hold onto every last piece of fat that you have on you.

The other side effect of not eating enough calories is that you are going to be preventing your body from getting all the nutrients that it requires to function at its best.

There is no doubt that a diet of 2000 calories will have a lot more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than a diet of 1000 calories. So please understand that eating well is very important to lose weight and remain healthy over the long term.

So hopefully by now you will know exactly what you need to do in order to overcome your temporary weight loss plateau and get into the best shape of your life!

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