5 Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid

Starting a workout program is easy; sticking to one for the long haul is where the challenge arises. There are a few mistakes you can avoid however if you want a higher chance of staying on the right track. Below are the five most common mistakes people make that cause their diets to derail.

Workout Mistake

Over Working Your Workout

The motivation you feel when starting a new fitness regime is just the push you need to get your metabolism in gear. There is such a thing as too much motivation when it comes to working out. To burn fat, a person needs to increase their heart rate to at least 60% but no more than 80% of the maximum rate. Every person heart rate varies, the maximum heart rate is calculated according to age, and you can use any of the online calculators or even in gym calculators to find your rate. Knowing your optimal rate is the best way to tailor your workout to hit that “fat burning” zone.

Commercials can convince us that working out at full throttle is the only way to get results, but in reality a person can work out at a comfortable pace and still lose the pounds. In addition, if you work out too hard, or too fast, your body will burn sugar instead of burning stored fat from other parts of your body. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to hold a simple conversation while you are working out. Moving too slow also won’t have a positive impact on your workout. Your heart rate needs to reach the minimums if you want to burn fat. The whole trick is finding that perfect balance of heart pumping action that doesn’t tire your body within moments.

Not Keeping Up The Regime

There are so many types of exercises that can be combined to make an effective workout. Finding the right combination that allows you to match your age and fitness level with a plan that will help mold your body is the next challenge. Most sports clubs offer programs that allow you to train your body in a way specific to your needs; these programs are often headed by professional fitness gurus. Don’t let lacks of immediate results deter you from moving forward. Work with the experts to stay motivated and on your fitness regime.

Outlandish or Unachievable Goals

If you are new to working out, it’s easy to set goals that are almost impossible to reach. One of my clients joined me for our first session during which she displayed a tremendous amount of energy. She expressed her intention to work out an hour per day, five days a week. While this may seem like the perfect type of motivation to reach your goals, without knowing how your body will be affected you should always take smaller steps to build endurance. This will help not only endurance, but you will also find that you are able to stick to your regime when taken in moderate doses.

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Regular exercise is a habit formed through time and perseverance. When a body is not used to being exercised, injury or de-motivation can result. My client for example didn’t even do so much as take regular walks for the whole last decade. Had she stuck to her plan to suddenly start working out daily and heavily, then her fitness targets could easily have failed. When you set smaller goals and reach those goals, your fitness regime has a greater chance of long term success.

Don’t Get Bored

Take a look around your local gym and you will notice at least half of the people are walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike while reading the paper. Granted, taking it slow is an important part of a balanced workout, but you have to get in motion to get results! To lose fat from the areas you are targeting, you have to change your routine periodically to keep your muscles from “learning” your workout behavior. This takes commitment on your part and is well worth the trouble.

Infuse your workout with fun additions that also focus on a wide range of quality body motions. Never choose workouts that are on your “have to” list; instead opt for exercise that you enjoy that targets the same areas as those on the “have to” list.

Don’t Expect An Instant Transformation

One of the top reasons people cite for abandoning their fitness regime is that they haven’t seen the results they set out to achieve. Aside from the time factor, the body takes twice as long to burn fat than it does to store it. Move away from the habit of instant gratification, work hard, follow your regime and you will see that the results show after a period of time.

Loosing weight is more than just looking better in your clothes; it is also a commitment to better health. To reduce the amount of frustration you feel over your fitness results, think to your self that slow and steady will always get you to the finish line. As easy as it is to put on pounds, it doesn’t happen in one day; neither will loosing it.

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