5 Ways Of Achieving Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is something that almost everyone wants. Whether we want our shape to be a little svelter or want to tone up a specific area, weight loss and toning your figure are important to most people.

Staying healthy while you lose weight is also important which means that a weight loss fitness programme should play a large part in your weight loss goals. So how do you do it? And how do you keep the pounds off after you’ve achieved the figure of your dreams? Keep reading to find out 5 Ways Of Achieving Weight Loss Goals.

 Weight Loss goals

Know Your Body

First and foremost you should know your body, what it can do and what it should do. Try consulting with a personal trainer and perhaps a dietician to see how much exercise you should be doing and how much food you need. For most women, 2,000 calories and about 20-30% of that should be from fat. For men, you will need 2,000-3,000 calories per day with 20-30% of that being from fat. Just remember that everyone is different and you should find out your own personal body needs before trying to lose weight.

Consider Enrolling in an Exercise Programme

A weight loss fitness programme is almost essential to continuing to exercise and lose weight. Did you know that participating in a program will motivate you, give you something to look forward too and keep you from skipping out on your exercise?

If you don’t know much about exercise, a weight loss fitness programme can teach you the moves and skills you need to shed pounds. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to losing weight. Most weight loss fitness programmes can help you to get active and moving in sessions that are designed to get your blood pumping, burn calories and stretch your body. Programs can range from hiking, swimming to Yoga or anything in between, so make sure you choose something you love.

Have Someone to Work Out With You

A workout buddy can do wonders for your motivation, even if it’s just getting up and going to your weight loss fitness programme together. Choose someone with similar weight loss goals, similar hours and similar interests so that you can find something to do together.

Buddy’s make a great motivating factor because we are more likely to exercise when presented with someone else who plans on exercising with us. To an extent, it’s a form of accountability and the knowledge that you won’t be going at it alone combined together.

Watch Your Food Intake

What you eat is also important to your weight loss and desire to stay healthy. While you shouldn’t cut back too much on calories, you should watch the starch, sugar and fats that you eat. Most dieticians will recommend that a dinner plate should have at least 70% vegetables served upon it, that you have fruit and nuts as snacks instead of less healthy options and that you have fruit with breakfast. Cut down on the salt and make sure you stay hydrated.

If you tend to overeat, try drinking a large glass of water before each meal to fill up your stomach. You might find that you eat less than you did before.

If your problem is sugars, you might have a harder time because sugar is addicting. A single bottle of Cola will contain about the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar, or 65 grams. That same bottle will usually be about 250 calories, 10% or more of your daily calorie needs.  Cut back on sugars slowly and add exercise so that you can naturally get healthy without getting headaches, cravings or feeling dizzy. If you want to lose weight while dieting, look for a weight loss fitness programme that adds in diet and exercise to combine your needs.  

Do Something You Love

Finally, do something you love. If you hate running you’re hardly going to be motivated to do it week after week, day after day. Find something you love and then alternate. Take walks three days a week; go swimming four days a week. Or try other interesting activities such as Yoga, dancing, rock climbing or horseback riding. Anything helps and if you turn it into a fun hobby that you love then you are more likely to motivate yourself into continuing your fitness regime long after you quit your weight loss fitness programme.

Losing weight is never easy and you shouldn’t expect it to be. You’ll have to face friends who want to eat unhealthy foods in front of you, not wanting to exercise and even a personal desire to snack on bad foods. However what you need is patience and the knowledge that it will get easier with time. Best of all, if you have a trainer, weight loss fitness programme or even a weight loss buddy to help, it will all be made so much easier for you.

Have fun, get healthy and be happy! 

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