5 Ways To Lose Weight During The Holidays

Yes you read that right, the title says lose weight and then it goes on to suggest you should accomplish this endeavor during the Holidays, the season of merrymaking, joyful overeating and the ever so enthusiastic rampant drunkenness. Well to tell you the truth, if you are trying to lose weight you need a bunch of things working just right for you, things like:

● Reducing calorie intake

● Being careful about the nutrition of the food you eat

● Eating regularly

● Drinking plenty of water

● Exercising every day, intensely

● Getting enough rest

That’s quite an extensive list of things, and if you get one of those wrong you will be losing the pounds a lot more slowly, get two or more wrong and you might be stuck on the same weight for months, despite all the effort. A holiday feast is just one big distraction, and during the Holidays life will be throwing a lot of these distractions and quite a bit of temptation your way. It might even seem like someone is out to get you, a conspiracy of jolly fat chefs and alcoholics ready to convert you to their hedonistic ways.

Holiday dinner

Well, with a little know-how and enough willpower to stick to the diet regime you can be able to keep those pounds of and even lose a few while you’re at it, without offending your hosts by saying no to their food. Family and friends can be quite difficult during this period and I like to call them diet-killers, especially mothers and grandmothers. Hell, my grandma knows where grandpa keeps his shotgun and I can tell you that she is one lady you simply can’t say no to, no matter how much food she shows in front of you. To counter all these attacks on your belly you’ll need some tricks up your sleeves.

Holiday meals and weight gain

holiday diet tips

Getting fed regularly is not going to be a problem during the Holidays, so you can scratch that one right of your list of weight loss tips. It’s the calorie counting that’s going to be an issue. Now before you panic you need to know that studies have shown that on average people will put on about a pound from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, but if you already have a bit of belly on you that number can go up to about 5 pounds. That doesn’t sound too bad, but keep in mind that people seldom lose that weight throughout the next year and then the Holidays hit you again, so it just keeps building up. Once we know what we are dealing with here, we can form a plan. So we basically need to burn a couple of pound’s worth of calories during this period and limit our food consumption and we are golden.

If we cut 500 calories a day we will be losing a pound every week, which is a pretty steady and natural pace. If you take things slow it means you won’t be hungry all the time so you will be less irritable through the whole process and less likely to snap and call it quits. Cheating the Holiday Spirit of Fat Cheerfulness and keeping your weight down is not too difficult in concept, but in practice it does require the determination to keep going with the plan even if people keep shoving chocolate in your face.

Choose your food carefully

Woman Choosing Food

Contrary to popular belief not all Holiday food is really all that bad for you nor will everything make you fat. Turkey, for example, is a very good source of protein and doesn’t contain much fat. The glazing will only affect the crust and with each slice you will only get a little bit of crust, so even honey-glazed turkey will be low on sugar and fat. You can have sweet potatoes during holiday which is good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese. Green bean casserole is another example of a food that incorporates some highly nutritious produce.

By limiting your portions and sticking to mostly Turkey, salads and anything that has a lot of vegetables and mushrooms in it will be a safe bet. Try skipping dessert altogether, or just limiting yourself to a single slice of pumpkin or apple pie.

If you are cooking Thanksgiving food yourself you can follow a few simple guidelines to limit the fat and sugar content of your meals without losing the tastiness:

● Use low-fat margarine instead of butter in recipes

● Use very little sugar – let the flavor of dessert come from the fruit

● Avoid using butter in mashed potatoes – give them a boost of taste by adding some vegetables and spices

● Use low-fat mayonnaise in recipes

● Use low-fat or nonfat cream cheese in recipes

● Use fresh produce instead of canned

Say yes to water and no thanks to alcohol

Water is amazing, it is absolutely essential to our survival and yet it has zero calories. You can drink gallons of the stuff, no problem. A good thing about water is that it can replace sugary sodas or alcohol in social events. People mostly keep sipping out of their glass because they either feel bored or they need something to do to keep their hands and mouths occupied while they listen to others. If you go for water instead of other beverages you don’t risk getting a lot of calories in your body just to seem occupied.

I know a lot of people aren’t really hard drinkers, but they enjoy alcohol when they relax during the Holidays, and they just can’t give that little pleasure up. No worries – a little bit of alcohol isn’t that bad, in fact a couple of glasses of beer or wine can even be good for you. The problem is that these beverages contain a certain amount of calories, slightly over a hundred per glass on average, and if you keep drinking you are ingesting a lot of calories which are in liquid form so your brain doesn’t really register them as food. Then you are loaded on calories and yet still feel hungry and you go eat some more calories, which is no way to lose weight.

A nice little cheat when drinking alcohol is to always keep a glass of water handy. I’ve picked this trick up from an older gentleman when I was younger and it goes a little something like this. For every couple of glasses of beer he drank he would drink a glass of water and have a few bites of salad and some meat. Even if he was just watching a game with some friends he would have some snack with him and he would always ask for some water. Now, he obviously did this so he wouldn’t get as drunk as his friends. This ensured he always had the upper hand and knew all their little secrets and indiscretions while he gave nothing away himself.

What I learned years later was that this tactic of his was also a great way to reduce your calorie intake and not just by limiting the amount you drink. Drinking some water before and/or after an alcoholic beverage will help dilute the calories, and you will go to the bathroom more often so not much of that will stick to your belly. Drinking a glass or two before a meal will help diminish your appetite so you will eat less.

Have a quick workout and a light meal before leaving the house

Despite all the advice and all your willpower you might slip up at dinner and have a little bit more than you should. This is why you will have a fail-safe already in place. What you need to do first is get a nice 20-40 minute cardio workout at a moderate pace to ensure you burn off some calories. Here is an example of the kind of workout you are looking for, remember nothing fancy just keep your body constantly in motion throughout the workout:

After this you should take quick shower and then prepare yourself a small, healthy meal – preferably some fish or chicken with a bunch of vegetables thrown in. You don’t want to sit at a table fool of delicious food while you’re still hungry from your workout. This is why you should prepare yourself a meal that will just about fill you up so you are not hungry.


Holidays are a time when no one will mind if you cheat on your diet, and in fact people will encourage you to let go a bit. You will need to follow these simple tips and get in the habit of doing some exercise, drinking a lot of water and being careful about what you eat and how much you eat. Losing weight is not that difficult and it’s been proven that people don’t gain all that much weight during the Holidays to begin with, so with a little bit of perseverance and a few light changes you can start the New Year a few pounds lighter.

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