6 Main Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans

The green coffee bean extract is obtained from un-roasted raw coffee beans. The roasting process removes most of the cholorogenic acid, which is the main ingredient that offers great health benefits, including weight loss within a short time.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a world famous Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor, has stated that green coffee bean extract even amazes him. It is a miraculous extract that can help you drop pounds without even changing your diet, or doing any workouts!

This extract has a bitter taste and for that reason many nutritionists recommend that you should take this supplement only in powder form without any added fillers or chemicals. The bitter taste of extract is because beans are not roasted. If you are taking green coffee bean extract, you must ensure that it has at least 50 percent chlorogenic acid.

Let’s have a close look at 6 Main benefits of green coffee beans:,

Stabilizes glucose levels

High amount of chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract also inhibits the glucose-6-phosphate enzyme that releases glucose in the blood stream after the meals. This helps in regulating the glucose level and reduces the risk of diabetes. In fact with proper glucose levels, there is marked reduction in aging, fine lines, and inflammation in the body. Aside from that, there is much better functioning of immune system and hormones.

Eliminates free radicals

Free radicals exist in body due to poor digestion, disease, and toxins in the body. They can create many problems for you, such as aging, cell mutation, damage to immune system, cancer, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans extract is powerful antioxidant that fights off free radicals absorbing them. It also helps in reducing the fat cells in the body.

Improved overall health

Chlorogenic acid is actually a polyphenolt that neutralizes various carcinogenic compounds as they can cause cancer.

Reduces blood pressure

The green coffee bean extracts also inhibit the production of bad cholesterol as it can damage the arteries, and may also accelerate atherosclerosis. It also reduces high blood pressure when taken for at least six weeks.

Boosts metabolism

Green coffee bean extract helps in suppressing the appetite and also reduces carvings. This extract also helps in increasing your metabolic rate, which speeds up fat loss and decreases any chances of accumulation of fat. Moreover, this extract does not give a jittery kind of feeling that you get when you drink your cup of coffee.

Decreases fat absorption and also burns fat

The fat in the blood is absorbed slowly when you take green coffee bean extract supplement. This helps in achieving rapid and healthy weight loss. Another advantage of chlorogenic acid is that it also boosts thermogenesis due to which body burns up fat at a faster rate for generating energy. This not only keep you energetic throughout the day, but you also lose more fat leading to a shapely body within a short time.


To get the best results, you must take a dosage of 400mg at least three times a day. These capsules should be taken 30 minutes before your meals. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid this supplement. If you have caffeine allergy, then you should avoid this product. This supplement is beneficial for people of all age groups and sexes, and offers wide range of health benefits.

You can get much faster and better results if you take this supplement along with balanced diet and workouts. Millions of people are taking this supplement because this is not only natural without any side effects but shows quick results without any change in diet or any real need for exercises. Green coffee beans extract seems to be a best solution for people who have trouble losing and keeping their pounds off.

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