8 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you know it can often be cheaper to buy a bag of chips that a pound of apples. Eating healthy is a good choice, but it’s not always so easily fit into a budget. Read on to discover how you can shop for healthy foods for less money than you think.


Skip Organic

While eating organic foods does have some benefits, you will get the same nutritional content in foods that aren’t grown or produced organically. If there’s a great sale on organic produce, by all means, purchase it. If not, however, skip the organic bananas and grab the other bananas instead.

Buy in Bulk

If there are certain healthy foods that your family enjoys eating on a regular basis, buy them in bulk when you can. If, for instance, your children love to crunch on carrot sticks, buy a five pound bag instead of a two pound bag. The same can be said of rice, noodles and other fruits and vegetables.

Large Drinks

Don’t buy pre-packaged single serving sizes of drinks. Buy liter or gallon sizes of juice and pour your children a drink in a spill-proof cup. You’ll often pay less for a gallon of orange juice than you will for a package of eight or ten juice boxes.

Bag Your Snacks

Walk up and down the snack aisle and you’ll see that almost any snack can be bought in a serving size bag. These boxes of single-serve snacks are more expensive than purchasing a large bag of the same snack. Dole out servings into re-sealable snack or sandwich bags once you get home.

Buy Frozen

Frozen vegetables are often cheaper than fresh or canned and taste just as well. Look for veggies that aren’t packed in sauces, as these are less healthy options.

Shop Locally

If you are lucky enough to have orchards or farmer’s markets in your area, shop these venues for your produce. Locally grown produce is often less costly than that which has been shipped in from other states to stock your grocery store’s shelves.

Grow a Garden

If you have the room in your yard or on your patio, grow your own fruits and vegetables in the summer. Remember, the larger your garden, the more you will yield. If you’re very lucky, you may have enough to freeze for the fall and winter.

Shop Sales

Browse your store’s flyer before you head out and make a list of sale items that you can stock up on. Be sensible! If it’s going to take you a month of Sundays to eat 10 pounds of celery, it’s probably not a good value for your dollar.

Eating healthy can be expensive unless you shop with a plan. The easiest way for people to save money is to make a list and stick to it. Don’t shop when you’re hungry and, if you can avoid it, don’t take the children to the store with you; they can make it tough for any parent to stick to a list!

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