Abdominal Obesity – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Obesity is troublesome, but an ever growing belly girth becomes more troublesome. For few the fat accumulation takes place in specific region around body. The most common is the fat accumulation in the belly

Increasing waistline is not just restricted to getting older, or post menopausal phenomena for women, it is much more. Researchers have indicated that an increased belly fat can increase risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain type of cancers. But if you stay vigilant, follow weight loss program likes HCG California, you can very well fight back these threats easily. The first step to which is gaining more information on abdominal obesity. The same has been enfolded in this post.

What Defines Abdominal Obesity?

Abdominal Obesity

Abdominal Obesity is also known as belly fat or central obesity. Excessive accumulation of abdominal fat increases waist size and can be interpreted by:-

1. A waist to hip (WHR) ratio greater than 0.9

2. BMI of 30 kg/m2

3. Waist circumference of over 102 cm (40 in) in men & 88 cm (35 inches) in women is indicative of abdominal obesity.

Causes of Abdominal Obesity

To understand the causes of abdominal obesity, it is important to know how fat gets accumulated. Abdominal fat comes in two forms.

1. Some of it is credited to the fatty tissues beneath skin and this subcutaneous fat acts like any other fat on the body. Though it is not health friendly, yet it poses no direct dangers to health either.

2. Second is the fat inside abdomen, known as the visceral fat. This fat is located around the internal organs and is the one which poses greater risk for health, causing abdominal obesity.

A newer research about abdominal obesity tracks it to “lipotoxicity”. According to this theory visceral fat release metabolic products, which are directly send into portal circulation. This portal circulation is one which carries blood straight to the liver. Thus resulting in enlargement of visceral fat cells and driving free fatty acids into the liver through excessive triglycerides production.

The free fatty acids get accumulated in pancreas, heart, and other organs. These organs are not meant for fat storage, resulting in organ dysfunction. This causes damaged regulation of insulin, blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as abnormal heart function.

Why is Abdominal Fat Dangerous?

Surrounding important organs in abdomen and releasing hormones which increase the risk of heart attack, abdomen obesity defiantly becomes dangerous. In addition to this the abdominal fat is all the more dangerous for liver, as it hinders its mechanism to filter toxic substances. Also the risk to develop diabetes and cancer increases. That is why it is regarded dangerous.

Cures & Treatments for Abdominal Obesity

Reduce Calories

Reduction in calories does not imply following a VLCD diet. But try including foods that are healthy, filling, nutritious, yet low in calories.

Lifestyle Change

Making amendments in lifestyle such quitting smoking, eating healthy etc

Medically Supervised Diet Plans

Among the numerous fad diets, weight loss diets HCG Diet California outshines others in curing for abdominal fat. This diet is medically supervised and provides results for something as specific as losing weight from abdomen.

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