Advantages, Disadvantages And Cost Of Liposuction

There are several ways to transform our bodies and alter our appearance. Some people choose to go to the gym to tone up whilst others prefer taking more drastic measures. Many turn to the likes of having surgery in order to improve or change how they look. One of the few procedures which is quite well known is liposuction. Basically, liposuction is a procedure which involves breaking up and removing fat from various parts of the body. Many people turn to this procedure when they are having problems getting rid of a fatty deposit build up in their body. Some people shudder at the very thought of undertaking any medical procedures. However, there are a select few who are serious and would like to found out more. This article will answer a number of questions which may be on people’s lips. Here are the advantages and also the disadvantages of having liposuction done.


Advantages Of Liposuction

Body Contour Qualities

Liposuction actually has the ability to make the person that has undergone this procedure look like they have had more body fat deposits removed than in the actual surgery, subsequently creating a much slimmer appearance.

No scarring

Liposuction tends to not leave its mark behind, so you can lose the fear of needing to cover up on the beach. There is usually no scar tissue left behind at all or very subtle marks left once the surgery is completed.

No pain

If you are susceptible to pain and you can’t even bear the thought of stubbing your toe than this procedure will be fine for you. You will in fact endure no pain at all and will be left with no bruises or marks afterwards.

No medication needed

The procedure is efficient and does not require any type of excessive pain relievers.

Can be used on various parts of the body

This surgical procedure is very versatile and can be used to get rid of fats on a number of body parts for example; underarms, neck, chin, face, thighs, buttocks and legs. These areas are mostly operated on when it comes to eradicating fatty deposits.

More than one part of the body can be treated

If you want more than one area taken care of than this can be achieved. The surgeon is capable of removing fat from up to ten areas of the body in just one treatment.

90% success rate

Studies have shown that liposuction is almost 100% successful every single time and can remove the required amount of fatty tissues with ease.

Disadvantages of Liposuction

Extended recovery time

Depending on the amount of liposuction you have had, the recovery process could take up to a few days.

Not everyone can have this procedure done

You may be surprised but you need to fit into a particular calibre before this treatment can be used. Firstly you will need to be assessed by a medical professional to ensure you are in good health and are trying additional ways to lose weight.

Medical complications

Even though there are precautions taken to ensure that the patient is safe, there could be some unfortunate mishaps. Most common problems are allergic reactions and perhaps even puncturing of the vital organs.

The fat could return

The fat may be removed from the body but this doesn’t decrease the chances of the fatty tissues returning. Unless the patient exercises and eats properly than the fat could return.

No long lasting effects

Liposuction will not all of a sudden be a miracle cure which will remove the fat for good. Nor will it provide you with a metabolism improvement. You will also find that your health will by no means benefit from this treatment.

Cost of Liposuction

How much will it all cost you say? Well prices may differ depending on the treatment being carried out. The cost of the treatment depends on the size of the area which you would like to be treated. As the abdomen tends to be a bigger area it could cost anything from $3000-$5000, whilst smaller area such as the inner thighs tend to cost between $1500-$1700.

Having liposuction treatment is a serious procedure and should be given sufficient research before any drastic measures are adhered too. If you are looking to have liposuction than you should perhaps consult your GP before deciding to go ahead and have the treatment conducted.

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