Are You Battling The Belly Fat?

You’re a full time blogger who sits in front of your PC all day and sometimes even at night. There is no physical exercise and you’re constantly eating fried stuff and ready made foods and gulping cups of coffee. Every time you think of exercising you postpone it by a day or two and that day never comes. Procrastination leads to lethargy which in turn makes you add extra kilos especially around the stomach. Your belly starts protruding out of your T shirt and your jeans become tight. The stomach muscles gain fat as it is the major group of muscles in the human body. A fitness trainer or gym instructor may advise you to go in for stomach crunches to sport a flat abdomen. Before you do any of those exercises understand how you’ll lose the belly fat to look good and healthy.

Battling Belly Fat

Pull ups, push ups and crunches

Remember that not all of us have the same type of stomach muscles. It differs from person to person and so you may not be able to sport an eight pack like your friend does. But six packs are definitely possible. While exercising warm up with simple exercises or run a mile and then move on to pull ups, push ups and crunches. There are several training programs like TRX training that help you to stretch and work out your stomach muscles. Remember that before you tone the stomach muscles, work out and burn the fat surrounding it. Start with ten push ups and crunches in a day and move on to fifty in a day. This will help to burn the fat and get your stomach muscles toned. See to it that you don’t exert your back. Also enjoy your exercise routine. It shouldn’t be that you’re doing it for the sake of losing weight. Put passion into your exercise regimen and you’ll see the difference.

Swimming is best to lose belly fat

Swimming can help in losing belly fat. Actually while swimming all the body muscles are worked out as both legs and hands are also used continuously. Yet it’s the stomach that gets trimmed with swimming. Besides, swimming also has cardio-vascular benefits. Deep breathing in and out on a continuous basis helps to exercise the lungs as well as stomach muscles. So automatically the belly fat gets dissolved and body gets into shape.

Yoga helps to stretch muscles as well as calm the mind

Yoga helps to stretch the body and calm the mind. A little yoga for ten to fifteen minutes in a day after your work out can help you to unwind and relax completely. Since you’re sitting in front of your computer all day long, it’s better to keep aside at least an hour in a day to exercise and yoga. This will even keep your mind fresh and help you in doing your work with clarity. Some of my bright ideas have come to me when I exercise.

Combine diet with exercise

Substitute caffeine with green tea or vegetable soups. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for lunch. A salad lunch or a sandwich with thin slice of red meat will keep your weight under check. Tuna milk and low fat milk can be used to reduce fat. Whenever you’ve the urge to snack munch on an apple or carrot. That will not add weight. Finally drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins from the body. A good work out combined with balanced diet can help you to lose belly fat and sport a six pack ab. So, what are you waiting for? Simply go for it!

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