Benefits Of Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight exercises, also sometimes known as calisthenics, are any exercise that utilizes your own body weight as the resistance. In other words then instead of lifting up a weight or pressing a weight, you are instead moving your own body and combatting gravity and your own bodyweight to be successful. This is a very effective but underrated form of exercise, so here we will look at some of the reasons it’s so effective in an attempt to increase its status.

Bodyweight Training

This is something you can do at home and is a form of exercise for which you need absolutely no equipment, very little space and very little tuition. This is the ultimate beginners’ form of exercise as it doesn’t require you to build up a selection of heavy weights or scary looking contraptions, and because it will always provide you with an appropriate weight (because you get heavier as you get stronger).

Further bodyweight training is also very effective as a way to improve your ability in a lot of capacities. For example you will be able to improve your agility significantly and you will generally gain a better control over your own body.

Advanced Bodyweight Training

Advanced Bodyweight training

Despite the many benefits of bodyweight training, you often don’t see professional bodybuilders or celebrities endorsing it. The reason for this is that it has a reputation for being a very basic and beginners’ form of exercise. It can be that, but it can also be a very advanced and intense form of exercise – and there are exercises you can do no matter what level you are at.

Okay so maybe doing press ups might become a bit easy eventually leading you to have to do over a hundred each set in order to get a burn – but then that simply means that it’s time to increase the challenge. For instance you can try doing hadstand press ups – where you stand on your hands and lower your head to the floor. Alternatively you could do one handed press ups or clapping press ups in order to make the challenge more difficult. In any case you shouldn’t find that you ever progress to the point where bodyweight exercises aren’t difficult enough for you – until you can do one handed jumping handstand press ups at least…

Bodyweight Training for Your Other Body Parts

Another reason that bodyweight training sometimes doesn’t get the props it deserves is that for many people it is seen as something that you use to just train your pecs and triceps perhaps – having only learned press ups and dips it’s hard to see how they would really do that much for your legs say or your biceps.

However this is again a short sighted view of bodyweight train. For biceps of course you will arguably need a pull up bar, but these are very cheap and very easy to install. For the legs meanwhile there are many different options and you can do things like squats, one legged squats, lunges, box jumps, jumping jacks etc in order to build up leg muscle and power.

Many of the perceived limitations of body weight training then come down to people not knowing just how many different exercises there are you can do with your own body mass. Try then to think of this training not as a series of set exercises, but rather as any movement that causes you to lift or move yourself and that causes your muscles to ache the next day.

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