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Low Fat Foods To Eat When Dieting

Healthy Snacks

Starting a low-fat diet can be a confusing affair. New dieters may find it difficult to figure out what is safe and healthy to eat because nutritionists and doctors stress that fats are important for a well-balanced diet. As well as providing energy and healthy fatty acids, the human body needs fat to absorb nutrients […]

Do We Really Choose What We Eat?

Do We Really Choose What We Eat

When you think about your daily food choices, you may be in line with participants in a recent Cornell University Study, who estimated that they make about 15 daily choices about food and drink. But you may be surprised to know that that number is actually closer to 200. That begs the question: if there […]

Dukan Diet – Is It Safe To follow

Dukan Diet

The promise of quick weight loss without the feeling of hunger, so commonly associated with diets, is very tempting; this is what the Dukan diet claims to offer if you follow its regime. Developed by the doctor Pierre Dukan, his diet has been a hit in France and amongst a number of celebrities. However, what […]

10 Tips To Overcome Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Every year the average American will have on average 156 pounds of refined sugar and 40 pounds of high fructose corn syrup. This average has increased from the 123 pounds of refined sugar that the average American would consume in 1970. High fructose corn syrup and fructose were not added into ingredients back in the […]

Choosing The Right Nutrition And Exercise

Correct foods

If you go into a book store or look on the internet you will see a wealth of information on how we should exercise and what we can and can’t eat. The diet and weight loss industry as w hole is huge business and lots of people try and get a slice of the action […]

How To Add More Lean Protein To Your Diet

Lean Protein

Getting enough lean protein is essential for people who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle; however it can be difficult to figure out how to include more lean protein into our diets. Most people stick to a diet that is based more around carbohydrates than one with lean protein, and while you may […]

5 Ways To Make Thai Food Healthier

5 Ways to Make Thai Food Healthier

Compared to many types of Western fare, Thai food is very healthy. The fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables used so often in Thai dishes boost their nutrition without significantly increasing the calories. However, some Thai meals can contain high amounts of sugar and fat. If you love Thai food and want to eat it without […]

How to Find a Good Nutritionist

How to Find a Good Nutritionist

A nutritionist is a health care professional that helps individuals who want or need to change their dietary habits. There are many different types of nutritionists with different specializations. There are clinical nutritionists, cancer nutritionists, sports nutritionist, community nutritionists, and nutritional consultants, and other specializations. All nutritionist should be licensed by their state and have […]

Ways To Reduce Diet Effectively

Ways To Reduce Diet Effectively

Excess weight or being overweight is one of the main concerns with the present day world. Not only does it create a low self esteem, but obese people are more susceptible to various ailments including stroke and heart attack. Controlling diet is one of the important factors in losing weight. It is however not advised […]

Low Carb Diets – Healthy Eating For a Lifetime

Low Carb Diets - Healthy Eating For a Lifetime

Many people mistakenly consider low-carb diets to be “fad” diets. Certainly, there are diets which practically eliminate carbohydrates as a food group, and this isn’t healthy for long-term weight loss. But for those who are literally “addicted” to high-carb foods such as pasta, sugary desserts and sodas, a diet that is lower in carbohydrates can […]

The Original Low Fat Energy Snack

The Original Low Fat Energy Snack

Historically dried and cured meats can be found in many cultures.  Until the invention of refrigeration, and its introduction on a mass scale, meat has presented a dilemma for the human race.  It’s an ideal source of protein and energy but it goes off very quickly indeed.  Efficent Snack on The Run or Hunt Early […]

5 Reasons To Jump-start With A Short Detox Cleanse

5 Reasons to Jump-start with a Short Detox Cleanse

A cleanse is a popular way of resetting the body. It forces an individual to become more mindful of his/her body’s hunger cues. After three days of subsisting on fortified juices, the stomach will have shrunk back down to its natural size. The body will quickly rid itself of all of the unnatural toxins that […]