Dealing With Obesity Through 5 Simple Home Exercise

The fight against obesity can begin at home, without the fear of prying eyes and derisive sniggers. If you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellness through exercise, you don’t need to join an expensive athletic club or sign up for an early-morning boot camp.

While many people enjoy the social aspect of exercising in a group setting, gyms can be expensive and intimidating, especially for those of us who need to shed some extra pounds. It can also be tough to find the time to go to the gym – most people who purchase fitness memberships end up ‘dropping out’ after just a few short months, leaving them with a feeling of failure.

Working out in your own home offers many advantages over traditional gyms, fitness clubs and exercise studios. When you exercise at home, you set your own schedule and never need to worry about signing up for a time slot on your favorite cardio machine or finding space to stretch. Home fitness routines are an inexpensive, non-intimidating way to get all the great health benefits of physical activity.

Here are five ways you can workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home:

Obesity Home Exercise

Workout on a Treadmill

Treadmills have long been a staple piece of equipment in both professional and home gyms thanks to their ease of use, durability and versatility. Treadmills can be used for both walking and running, however, with a bit of creativity you can achieve a whole-body workout as well. Consider using hand-held weights to challenge your upper body, and do intervals to boost your cardio strength and endurance. The best treadmills for home offer adjustable inclines, heart rate monitoring and preset programs, allowing you to create a challenging workout routine that will help keep you motivated.

Play A Game

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore – every major home gaming system now offers a range of professional-grade fitness programs that deliver challenging workouts for home users. These innovative games use features like wireless motion-detection and heart rate monitoring to motivate users to exercise, providing them with real-time feedback on their health and fitness.

Ride A Bike

Cycling is a low-cost, low-impact way to get a great lower-body and cardio workout. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and spandex is optional. Bicycling is also the perfect multi-generational fitness activity – it’s something that grandparents can do with their grandkids. Before heading out for a ride, make sure your bike is tuned up and safe to ride, and always wear a helmet. If possible, ride on off-road trails to avoid the stress of navigating in traffic.

Follow A Workout DVD

Throughout the 80’s, exercise videos were all the rage, offering fitness buffs a new way to shed pounds in the comfort of their own home. Home workout videos have enjoyed a renewed popularity, and today’s offerings range from bootcamp-style programs to specialized routines for people who have lower back issues, arthritis or mobility problems.

Climb The Stairs

Stair climbing is a simple, challenging exercise that delivers great results. Create your own challenging routine by varying the speed at which you climb the stairs, alternating between single and double steps. Stair workouts will boost both your cardio fitness and tone your legs and buttocks.

Apart from these you can do some very simple exercises one can do which will serve as the start of a regimen and more importantly, get into the mood of performing some regular exercises to reduce weight. The first and foremost requirement is the self-discipline to stick to the routine.

1. Punching moves in front of the body targets the muscles in upper body. Make a fist, just like how you would do in boxing. Remember to tuck the thumb in to prevent incidental injury. Then make quick jabs just as how you would punch someone standing in front of you.

Move the whole body in the direction of the thrown punch. The arms should move in a rhythm – flex and extend – in alternating jabs involving both hands.

2. The next set again involves jabbing and punching but the punches are thrown to the side of the body. Twist the body to the side into the direction of the punch.

Throw the punch with one hand at a time, alternating the hands, punching to the right then punching to the left.

3. The next exercise known as hamstring curls targets hamstrings, calf muscles and glutes. Stand behind a chair or a railing for support. Slowly bend the knee behind you with foot flexed. Slowly move towards back of the hamstring.

Remember to tighten abdominal muscles while performing the exercise. Remain in that position for couple of seconds, supporting your weight by lightly touching chair. Lower leg to start position and the changing to the other leg. Repeat each completed move several times.

4. The next set targets thighs and hips. Like before, stand behind back of chair touching lightly for support. Slowly lift one leg up in front to the level of your hip till the knee is bent at 90 degree angle.

Tighten abdomen muscles and hold position for two seconds; slowly lower to start position and repeat the moves by changing leg.

5. The last one involves standing with feet apart (hip width), arms flexed, abdomen tight. Throw a punch to the left with right hand while lifting up the left knee.

Alternate: Use left hand to punch to the right while lifting right leg. Strike a rhythm while repeating the moves while alternating legs. This exercise is a full cardio-vascular workout.

Working out at home can be just as effective as exercising in a gym or fitness class. With the proper equipment and some dedication, you can develop your own customized fitness routine that will help you loose weight, boost your energy levels and feel great

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