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Even though the obesity crisis is getting worse year on year, there has never been such a huge market for weight loss products, special diets, magical weight loss pills that are anything but magic and exercise gadgets that promise to get you the body you have always dreamed of. With the right knowledge it can be very easy to learn how to lose fat in a shorter space of time than you may realize

p>Unfortunately pretty much all of them are rubbish and just will not work but as so many people are desperate to lose weight and burn the body fat that they fool for the clever marketing and photo shopped before and after photographs.

The good news is losing body fat isn’t actually as hard as people realize. Don’t get me wrong, it takes 3 very important ingredients to lose weight and keep it off.

1) Dedication.

2) Education.

3) Consistency.

Now we are all capable of being dedicated when it is something we truly want and desire, it just takes a bit of effort but if you really want to lose weight, burn body fat and increase you health, vitality and self confidence then the dedication will not be a problem.

Education is probably the number one reason why people not only fail to burn body fat and lose weight, but also why they get so overweight in the first place. When people successfully lose weight or achieve any goal in fitness or life its because they have either been very dedicated, consistent or educated themselves on how to achieve their goals.


In order to lose weight it is important to not only burn off more calories than you consume, if it was that simple then everyone would be walking round with perfect curves for the ladies and six pack abs on show for the gents. Where a lot of people fail is because they do not understand how food converts once it has entered the body and been broken down.

Our blood sugar levels play a huge part on our hunger levels and unfortunately just eating low fat foods as we have been told for many years now will not cut it when it comes to healthy weight lose.

Sugar causes more weight gain than fat does, even bad fats. This is because when the body consumes sugar it causes a fast rise in blood sugar levels and in order to combat this insulin is produced by the body to level it off. Now this may not sound like to much of an issue but what people do not realize is insulin is known as the fat storage hormone.

So to have insulin in your system will cause your body to store fat and not only that it also stops your body breaking down the body fat you already have stored, double whammy of trouble!

Now where people also go wrong, and often through no fault of their own is that they do not realize that nearly all low fat products we buy have had the fat taken out but in doing so this takes away the flavor. So how do the product manufacturers replace the flavor and make it taste amazing? Yes you have guessed it, by adding sugar.

So we then have a so called low fat ‘healthy’ food that has a high sugar content being purchased, to help the consumer lose weight yet in fact its going to do the exact opposite And to add insult to injury sugar is not only highly addictive but will leave you feeling hungry with in a very short space of time.

In order to make weight loss and body fat burning successful its important that the dieter realizes the body needs energy and nutrient dense foods to give it the energy it needs to break down body fat. It is also important not to be afraid of eating some fats as these will leave you feeling much fuller than simple carbohydrates.

Fats will also keep your blood sugar levels stable meaning you will not get constant insulin production so you will not be in storage mode and will allow your body to break down the nasty fat that it is often keen to hang onto.

A diet consistently full of vegetables for nutrients and good water contents, healthy fats and proteins such as fish, lean meats, eggs and olive oil along with unrefined carbohydrates such as brown rice will leave your body fuller for longer, with very stable blood sugar levels and with so much variety you will be struggling to decide what to eat next!

A diet that is full of the branded low fat so called ‘healthy’ foods will leave you constantly hungry, constantly storing fat and is a diet destined for failure.

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