Does P90X Really Work As It Promises?

Does P90X really work or is it just another fitness fad? I must admit that P90X is probably one of the most hyped-up exercise programs to date. I mean, with those eye-popping infomercials and all, people will either jump to the bandwagon or harshly put a question mark on this workout program’s reliability.

Before I started to get my feet wet for P90X last year, I was also hesitant and couldn’t imagine myself getting superb results in just a matter of 90 days. But lo and behold! What I have got so far was more than what I bargained for. Needless to say, the question “does P90X really work?” requires more than just a simple “YES or NO” response; there are factors that can either make or break one’s success in P90X. Does P90X really work? That’s for you to find out!

P90X Really Work

Does P90X Really Work? It Depends!

Whenever I receive questions like “Does P90X really work?”, I usually throw back a different question to check if the person has the right tools to get started and to get far in P90X. Nobody is imperfect; if you think that you’re the only person in the world struggling to juggle personal commitments with exercise routines, you’re probably getting the wrong notion.

It is one thing to start a fitness program but to overcome temptations and consistently get the right mood to perform heavy workouts on a daily basis is another. But by using the principle of “muscle confusion”, P90X is the only intense at-home exercise program that prevents boredom from ruining your motivation to get a healthier physique.

Going back to the “right tools” I mentioned earlier, nobody can succeed in this program or on any other pursuit without them. But when I say tools, I’m not only pertaining to those 12 DVDS included in the P90X package; I’m also talking about YOU, your willingness to commit on this intensive exercise course and your ability to maintain your motivation at its highest peak. It was February of 2011 when I finally decided to take the plunge for P90X and after my first 90 days, I lost a total of 23 pounds.

I know that we all differ to each other in terms of metabolic rate and body type but the general rule of the thumb when it comes to P90X is to give your best with every workout. Keep your motivation intact and follow the workout schedule as it was laid out in the fitness guide. If you do all these things, you will be one step ahead from everybody else.

Does P90X Really Work Even Without a Diet Plan?

On the other hand, the question “Does P90X really work?” can also be answered with a reverberating YES if all the essential components of a successful workout program are laid out on the table. Although P90X exercise routines per se can give anyone the chance to burn more calories faster than any traditional workout programs, they are only part of the whole picture.

Of course, without a competitive diet plan or a reliable Nutrition Guide in the case of P90X, success can be a million light years away. You can’t just stick to P90X and expect success to come knocking at your door if you always eat at your own whim.

I have emphasized this before and I can reiterate it over and over again if I need to: Use P90X Nutrition Guide to the fullest and at the same time, give your best shot in every exercise routines. Diet and workout go hand in hand and if you fail to follow this fantastic combination, you will never be able to answer the question “Does P90X really work?” with so much glee and passion.

Does P90X Really Work? My Verdict

If you still have the question “Does P90X really work” playing on your mind, chances are, you either failed to get the gist of the program or too lazy to start burning calories.

Some people may still doubt P90X and will never be convinced with a simple and straightforward response to the never-ending question, “Does P90X really work?”. Based on my experience, achieving your dream body and making your own success story can be a lot easier with P90X as long as you are committed, focused and willing to complete the whole program holistically. The road to fitness can be rough at some points but if you’re going to ask me the question “Does P90X really work?”, I will be more than proud to say YES without any hint of doubt.

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