Easy Ways To Cut Calories Without Dieting

The calorie intake and weight gain are somewhat interlinked. On average, those who prefer calorie-rich food, develop fatness due to weight gain. And when fatness is in the form of obesity, it means we are inviting numerous diseases to reside in your body. Then a variety of weight-loss procedures hit our over-meticulous minds and most of which, sadly, are pointless.

Dieting (misunderstood by most of us, unfortunately) is what we want to go for. We confuse dieting with eating less or negligible and that doesn’t make sense, not at all. Interestingly, we need not entirely change the way we eat. Neither we have to avoid our favorite foods to lose and maintain weight. We just need to fully practice what “Dieting” really means.

Instead of totally changing your food and eating habits, just skip a few of them and add some healthy ones on. First step here is to cut calories and keep them as low as possible. That’s how you’ll be able to lose weight without dieting. There are easy ways to curb calories in your daily diet.

General points to consider to cut Calories

Cut Calories

There are so many easily doable things around you, if only you become a little considerate towards the. And since you without doubt want to improve health, you definitely will. For instance, limit the amount of oil you use for cooking, cholesterol-free oil is best. Use spray-able oils instead of throwing oil with teaspoon for salad dressing and that will considerably reduce calories.

Minimize the use of butter, cream and pizzas with fats and calories. When you decide to cut off calorie-rich and high-fat foods, make sure to replace them with best food. Fresh season foods will be healthy and best substitute for them. These essentials are high in fibers and nutrients.

It’s always safe to take organic food supplements to minimize calories to control weight. Products like Herbalife Total Control decrease food cravings and you become habitual to take selected food that is low in calories. Herbalife total control is a great source to energy and compensates any loss during dieting.

Reduce Fat and Sugar From your Diet

By reducing the amount of fat and sugar that you have in your diet you will be able to keep a lid on the number of calories you consume on a daily basis – but how do you do this?


Most people will be able to instantly recognise the foods that they consume which are high in fat. Pizzas, chips, burgers, fried food and rich desserts – they can all contain large amounts of saturated fat which can raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of developing heart disease. But do you need to give up all of these foods completely and go cold turkey? Not necessarily – it’s about achieving a balance and sticking to a sensible diet.

Check packets before you put items into your trolley at the supermarket and make informed decisions about whether your intended meal has too much fat in it. Look for dairy products that contain reduced amounts of fat. Trim visible fat off meat and try to grill rather than fry foods. Look to increase your intake of vegetables and reduce the amount of meat that you have in your meals. But above all, be sensible. Having a healthy, balanced diet is about recognising that the body needs a wide variety of foods, including fat, in order to work properly.


For many people sugar is something they add to drinks and breakfast cereals and consume in chocolate bars and cakes without a second thought. It’s not like it’s fat, right?

Well, just like with fats, it is important to make sure that your consumption of sugar is not excessive. Unfortunately, most adults and youngsters eat too much of it and this can have a negative impact on health. Sugars occur naturally in many foods, but it is products which have added sugars that we need to be careful of. Sweets, cakes, biscuits and soda drinks often have large amounts of added sugar and are often high in calories.

So how should you cut down on sugar in your diet? Well like with fat, the amount of sugar contained in a product is often listed on the packet these days, so take time to have a look before heading to the supermarket checkout. Try drinking more water rather than fizzy drinks and juices. Reduce your intake of items such as chocolate, cakes and sweets which contain large amounts of sugar. You don’t need to cut them out completely, but try to make them a treat now and then rather than a regular purchase.

Add these things to your daily eating habit

Daily Eating Habits

Regular vegetable and fruit snacks

Replace your full-of-calorie snacks with vegetables. Make vegetables delicious with cream cheese. Don’t forget to choose low fat creams. Eat at least one vegetable with every meal. Eat raw vegetables and fruits so that your body doesn’t lack fibers and other nutrients.

Lessen cheese in sandwiches

Cheese sandwich is always a part of your breakfast but it’s true that cheese adds extra calories. There is no need, however, to skip sandwich. Just ignore cheese and fill your sandwich with proteins and vegetables.

Replace carbonated drinks

Your carbonated beverages contain sugar and add calories to your diet. Replace them with sugar-free drinks and balance your diet. Only diet drinks best replace sugar-rich beverages.

Use fat-free salad dressings

Salad is not complete without tasty dressing added on. Remember you have to cut calories from your diet, use low-fat or fat-free salad dressings. Low-fat dressings are obviously low in calories.

Prefer skim milk to cream

You take a lot of coffee and love it because there is cream in it. Cream is one of the major sources of fats and calories. Be wise enough to consider skim milk to substitute cream. Also, develop a habit of putting less sugar in coffee or tea.

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