Effective Exercise For Overweight Moms

Obesity and excessive weight are serious risk factors for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, and some cancers. According to a NHANES survey carried out by the CDC, over 68% percent of all adults in the United States are obese, while 67% of women over the age of 20 years are overweight. This places a huge strain on healthcare systems and on these moms as well.

Why Most Moms Do Not Exercise Regularly

Many overweight moms realize that an exercise regimen would help them to reduce their weight and lead to healthier lifestyles. However, because of lack of proper advice in regards to what kind of exercise would help them lose weight, most blindly join exercise plans aimed at strength and endurance training. Joining such a program rather than doing cardiovascular exercises is likely to result in very few calories burned, and minimal weight loss. Many overweight moms are also discouraged from exercising regularly by their self-consciousness, fear of injury or boredom due to routine, especially if they have to join a public gym.


Overweight Moms

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While there are numerous types of cardio exercises a mom struggling with weight issues can do, walking or jogging are probably some of the best exercises to lose weight. Walking generally does not require any special equipment other than a good pair of sneakers or trainers, and one can do it almost anywhere. However, for those who do not enjoy outdoor activities, they can invest in a treadmill, which would enable them to walk or jog indoors in all weather conditions.


Swimming is another excellent way to burn calories and lose weight because it exercises almost every muscle group in the body without putting strain on any particular one. As such, it burns fats evenly throughout the body.

Elliptical Trainer

There is also some excellent equipment in the market for the overweight moms. Working out on an elliptical or exercise bike, when done properly, provides great aerobic exercise without placing undue strain on the bones and joints, therefore, reducing the risk of injury. It is important, though, to take the advice of a personal trainer in order to make the most of exercise machines.

On Taking care of Yourself as You Take Care of Your Kids

Moms usually forget to take care of their selves once they already have kids. It is very important that we don’t be stop being women and look after ourselves once we already have kids. Remember, that we still exist as wives to our husband and won’t it be wonderful if you still look like a young woman with a fit and healthy body despite of your four kids? We must always strive to feel good about ourselves not only for our husbands or for others but for our own self esteem.

Advantages of Being Fit

Don’t you just love it when you can move around the house and do errands faster because you are healthier? Isn’t it better if you can run around the house with your kids and will never worry that you will get tired and you cannot keep up with their energy? A fit mom is most certainly more able to take care of her kids and do household chores than an obese one. It isn’t just about how you look but how well can you function.

In general, one loses weight when he or she burns more calories than he or she consumes. For this reason, a healthy diet always goes hand in hand with an exercise regimen. As one, one must avoid foods that are rich in fat, sodium, and sugar because they contain fats and other chemical compounds that are easily stored as subcutaneous fat, and are hard to burn during normal physical activity. Choosing a workable exercise regimen, and setting weight loss targets will help overweight moms struggling with weight loss to eventually attain their goals of being leaner, trimmer and fitter

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