How To Build A Vegetarian Diet Menu

Does being a vegetarian mean using a lot of money in your diet? If so, then you have gotten it all wrong because you can build your diet menu at very cost effective budget. For instance, instead of having tofu or tempeh for proteins, you can opt for beans which cost much less. Discussed below in detail is how to build a vegetarian diet menu that does not cost loads of money.

Vegetarian Diet Menu

Do Your Shopping at a Normal Grocery Store

You should try as much as possible not to shop at whole foods markets. Though shopping here is fun and exciting, it costs more than a normal grocery store. You will buy the same products you could have bought at an organic foods market but you will be in a position to save a pretty penny. It is worth mentioning that at a grocery shop you might fail to find some things that are found at whole food markets but that should not deter you from shopping there because they have more than 90 % of what you need.

Everything Should Not Be Organic

Some vegetarians think that they should always consume organic products but this is usually not the case. Organic products usually cost more than conventional food. If you are operating on a budget, you should then mix conventional and organic foods to save some money on your purchases. This will ensure that you eat healthy foods and still save hundreds of dollars in your bank account. If you’re operating on a tight budget, you can still choose some organic foods, but the majority of your purchases will have to be conventional. You should strike a balance so that you do not lose the proper diet techniques you have developed.

Take Easy Meals

Instead of taking fancier foods like tofu, you should stick to easy foods like beans. Your meal should still contain all the nutrients you need however. Your meal should have carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, fiber, proteins and all essential minerals. In a single plate, you should have grains of your choice like rice, your favorite veggies (kale’s, spinaches or collards) and beans or another legume.

A grain, a veggie and beans is one of the cheapest and easy diets. It is contains all the essential nutrients. You add spices like garlic, coriander, ginger and so forth to add flavor. Though you shouldn’t eat the same foods the entire week, you should ensure that you have it several times in the course of the week. You can have different grains and legumes everyday.

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Buy Things in Bulk

It is recommended that you buy the legumes and grains in bulk. When you buy things in bulk it is less expensive because you will get quantity discounts as well as well as the wholesale purchase price which is often lower than retail. It is a good idea that you stay away from canned products because even though they are convenient, they are expensive.

For vegetables, it might be tricky to buy in bulk because they are perishable. But to reduce your budget on veggies, you can decide to skip them in some meals. For instance, if take kale’s at lunch time you might skip adding any vegetables to dinner. This will not hurt your healthy eating plan, but it can help you save money.


Plant and Grow Herbs on Your Own

Growing herbs in your small kitchen garden will save you several dollars per year. This is because herbs are very expensive when you buy them in the market. Some of the herbs you can plant and grow on your own are rosemary, cilantro, basil, parsley, sage and thyme. These herbs are easy to grow and maintain in your own home or garden. All you need to do is invest on buying seeds and they will serve you for a long time if well taken care of. Apart from saving your wallet several dollars, they also add some plant life to your living area.

It is crystal clear that you can build a vegetarian diet that will not hurt your bank account adversely. It is not as easy as it sounds but you can get it done. Sit down and set up a clear plan of building your diet that will not cost you loads of money.

I believe if you follow the discussed points and implement them appropriately, you will enjoy living a vegetarian life even on a lean budget.

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