How to Find a Good Nutritionist

A nutritionist is a health care professional that helps individuals who want or need to change their dietary habits. There are many different types of nutritionists with different specializations. There are clinical nutritionists, cancer nutritionists, sports nutritionist, community nutritionists, and nutritional consultants, and other specializations. All nutritionist should be licensed by their state and have the proper education and training to meet the needs of their patients.

Learning how to find a nutritionist specializing in the needs of the patient involves knowing what these professionals do, what they charge, and what type of program best suits the client. For many patients referred by doctors, they will likely be seeing a clinical nutritionist.

How to Find a Good Nutritionist

Choosing A Licensed Dietary Consultant

The question of how to find a nutritionist is answered by contacting the American Dietetics Association (ADA). This organization has an online service that shows what members are practicing in the local area, what they specialize in, and how to get in touch with them.

Before deciding to choose a particular specialist, individuals should ask themselves what their long-term goals are. Many dietary consultants deal primarily with educating clients on nutrition in general. Designing a meal plan in combination with exercise for the purpose of losing weight is the specialty of many registered dieticians.

Others work closely with individuals who are suffering from a disease or recovering from a serious injury or who have been advised by their doctor to consult with a nutrition specialist for the purpose of changing their diet completely.

A number of nutrition specialists work specifically with athletes in training. A custom diet program is constructed based on the physique of the client, his or her sport, and the strength building goals. Professional dieticians usually monitor their client’s progress on a continuous basis and determine what diet plan works the best in the long run.

Checking The Credentials

Almost all those with experience in food science and biology can call themselves dietary counselors or fitness nutritionists, but those who practice through a medical clinic or a private training center hold a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. Their education has been extensive, consisting of a heavy amount of coursework in cellular chemistry, nutrient absorption, energy consumption and general health.

A licensed nutritionist has completed an internship that is professionally supervised, and has also passed an exam required by the state in which they practice. When searching for a nutritionist through the ADA, finding out about the education the practitioner has received is a good idea. The online resources of the ADA include information on the degree held by the professional, what sort of clientele are served, and any special commendations the nutritionist has been awarded.

Cost Of Seeing A Nutritionist

Most licensed nutritionists charge their clients based on the individual program that is set up after the initial consultation. If the program is mainly one consisting of monitoring the lifestyle and eating habits of the client, the fee is recurring and is similar to that of any consultant.

Health insurance may or may not cover the cost of seeing a professional nutritionist. This depends on whether the consultation is related to what is covered in the health care policy. Certain health conditions such as diabetes may include treatments involving diet counseling, and the insured’s provider may cover these.

When someone decides to make some serious changes to diet and wants to be sure they are getting adequate nutrition on a daily basis, consulting with a nutritionist may be the best bet. Since every human body is unique, customizing a plan that allows for maximum use of nutrients consumed is often best left to a professional who can advise the client on a personal basis.

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