How To Get Rid Of Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is eating to fill emotional needs rather than to fill your stomach – with a false pretense of using food to feel better. This is not only unhealthy but also habit forming and can easily become a way of life. Sometimes the problem is rooted since childhood. If food was used to reward you for doing something good and to encourage you to do better things, unknowingly you will get accustomed with emotional eating as you grow up.

Be Knowledgeable on the Causes of Emotional Eating

If your case with emotional eating was developed since childhood, be aware of the consequences and get rid of it. Bear in mind that the purpose of food is to satisfy physical hunger and to nourish our body. It is definitely not intended for emotional healing. Stress is another factor why emotional eating is rampant. When you are stressed out, eating becomes a way to relax and calm your senses. The emotion of tasting delicious foods will divert you from the stressful sensations that are stuffing your sensors temporarily. Feeling of emptiness and boredom is another culprit. Unconsciously, when you watch television to kill and make use of your time, it is habitual to munch on junk foods. It will definitely keep you really busy and away from the feeling you dislike.

Finally, social influence plays a big role in triggering emotional eating. Just because your friends make eating out a very enjoyable activity – where you practically savor and indulge in varieties of good foods does not mean that it’s harmless. You will end up justifying also that nothing is wrong with it because you are just socializing which we all need to feel our connections with other people. Oh yes, we need to socialize but stuffing yourself up to the brim is definitely not a healthy habit and you need to set yourself apart from that disastrous social interaction.

Finding Other Ways to overcome emotional eating

In order to help yourself to overcome emotional eating, find other means to feed your feelings. When you feel stressed out with work or practically anything, have a whole body massage. When depressed and feeling lonely, call someone who always makes you feel good, have a haircut in your favorite salon or take a leisure stroll in the mall. If exhausted, sip some tea, take a warm bath and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Soon you will doze off and will be rejuvenated. Fight boredom by reading a good book, watching a good movie and indulging on your favorite hobby like knitting or painting.

Make conscious efforts to take your mind away from food. You need not go hungry. Eat when you are hungry and savor the taste by chewing your food well. Never swallow anything that is served right before you. Finally, put some romance into your life. This will guarantee you a good feeling. It will naturally discourage you from overeating so you will look good and will not have problems in fitting into nice outfits that can make you feel attractive. If involved with a significant other, nurture healthy activities – be it outside or inside the bedroom.

Support your Lifestyle Modification Efforts with Social Activities

Diverting your mind away from food when you don’t really need it will benefit you the most. You won’t be overeating thus having a slim chance of getting out of shape. You just have to try different physical activities to see what suits you best. You can start by exercising regularly at home or in the gym. You can also join any sport you like and meet friends who are health buffs or health conscious individuals like you.

Find an active group to belong to, explore places and cultures so that you can see life in a bigger picture. If you see the sufferings of other people like the hungry children in Ethiopia – you will surely feel that they should be eating your food that you don’t need.

Most of all – have enough sleep and always make yourself presentable plus an open mind in tackling the day to day happenings in your life. This will create a positive aura in you that will drive the right people to you. It is important to fill your heart with love – with or without a romantic partner. Oftentimes, it just takes love and compassion to make this world a better place to be. It is a fact according to WebMD that when you are fit, you are filled with endorphins that will give you a boost of positivity – that is essential in keeping harmonious relationships with the people around you, your environment and with the world in general. Keep the above advices in mind and you’ll soon discover that there’s more to life than making yourself feel good by eating yourself out.

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