How To Help Kids To Exercise

There are people all over the world that are constantly wondering how they can get the new generation of kids to do more exercise. This is a questions that keeps coming up in the minds of concerned parents all over the world.

So to combat this issue I’m going to answer some of the most common questions that parents have and then conclude with some of my own personal recommendations (that I used with my kids on a day to day basis) on how to get your kids to exercise more.

But before we get into that, I think it is really important that we actually take the time to cover and understand the terrible situation that our children are currently facing. The reality is that children these days are not nearly as active as previous generations were. In fact they are more sedentary and lazy than ever before in history.

But if we go back to the 1960’s, then we can see that the situation was completely different. Almost 50% of children would walk or bike it to school every day of the school year. If we compare that to today’s figure of just 9% we can see this downward trend is just appalling.

Just look about you right now, if you have any doubts because it is obvious that most children would rather be indoors playing video games or watching television, than be outside playing and having fun.

The sad thing is that this trend usually continues on for the rest of the child’s life. With lazy kids becoming lazy adults, and active kids becoming active adults.

However if you have young children then all hope isn’t lost because you as a parent have the ability to change things. You can actually push your child by encouraging their innate desire to be active. This really is all that it takes to get your kids to be a lot more active. But the thing is that you must get started now!

Now you have a better understanding of the bad situation that our children are presented with today we can move onto answering some common queries about children and exercise.

So Will Weight Lifting Result In My Child Stunting Their Own Growth?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard of the so called factual statement that any child who does lift weights will stunt their own growth.

But if we stop taking these assumptions for facts for a second, and actually try to find some evidence to prove it we will come to find that there isn’t a single piece of scientific research which proves that weight training has ever resulted in a child stunting their own growth.

However there is plenty of research which suggests that the children who do lift weights from a young age will grow up to actually have stronger bone density, stronger and healthier physiques and overall they will be in a lot better health than those kids that don’t lift weights.

So believe me if your child is lifting weights under your supervision in a controlled environment, then there is no risk of them actually causing themselves any sort of injury. The only time your child can cause serious damage to themselves is, if they are left unsupervised and they attempt to lift weights that are way out of their capabilities.

So Will My Child Benefit From Being Placed In a Structured Fitness Program?

There is no definitive answer to this question because it all depends on the child in question.

If you happen to be blessed with a child that loves to move about and stay active at all times then you really won’t benefit much from putting him into a fitness regimen.

The only time that a structured fitness regimen will become necessary is when you have a child who would rather not be active and instead just sit down in one place and do very little.

Personal Guidelines To Get Your Children Fit

Children Exercise

These are the exact steps that I employ to help my children become healthy and strong human beings who love to be physically active all the time.

Make Play The Basis

You really need to do whatever you can to make play the basis for the exercise that your kid does from now. In more cases than not, play is usually active and more importantly it is going to be fun for your kid.

All you really need to do is encourage your kid to get out into the world and actually move about and do what they are naturally designed to do. The more they do this the more they are going to love being physically active which will continue on with them for the rest of their lives.

Climbing Different Stuff

Whatever there is out there that can be climbed safely you need to encourage your kid to climb it. Trees, pull up bars, ropes, fences, whatever it may be just push your kid to climb it. The more they climb things from a young age, the stronger they will become. This will continue on well into their adulthood which is exactly what we want here.

Jumping On and Off Different Stuff

The truth is that children all over the world have the tendency to fall down a lot. You should not stop them from having fun just because they are more prone to causing themselves minor injury. Instead you should focus on helping them by teaching them what the best way to fall down is to prevent injury.

This will give you the peace of mind that they are much safer and you will find that with that knowledge they will hurt themselves a lot less often.

At the end of the day you just need to push your child from a young age to be as active as they possibly can. Help them by showing them a variety of different things they can participate in to get more active. Believe me once you plant this desire of exercise into their mind nothing will be able to take it away from them!

That truly is the best gift that you are ever going to be able to give to your child!

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