How To Keep Weight Off After Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

It finally happened. After months( or maybe years) of imagining those pounds dropping off, seeing those pant sizes get smaller and smaller, and having that number on the scale get down to exactly what you envisioned, it’s time to celebrate the fact you’ve reached your weight loss goal. However, many people fall into the trap of gaining it back just as fast (okay, much faster) than it took them to lose it. It’s an easy thing to do, but there are ways to avoid letting all your hard work go to waste.

Celebrate Your Success

The very first thing is to celebrate your success! No matter how you got to this point, whether it be long, ab-burning workouts at the gym or saving for months to invest in liposuction, just be happy that you made it to where you wanted. That’s more than most people can say, and it’s worth acknowledging. However, remind yourself why you’re celebrating and whenever you get a craving or you’re feeling too tired for a workout, remember this feeling and how good it felt to set a goal and actually achieve it.

Don’t Make Excuses

Weight Loss Goals

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Many people fall into a slump after they’ve achieved their weight loss goal where exercising starts to feel a bit redundant and appears to have a lack of purpose. Exercising regularly is the key to maintaining your new weight, and luckily, there are many ways to reignite that passion for exercise.

• Create a new goal to aim for. There is always room for improvement, and weight loss can just be the start. Next, move onto toning and muscle building, and get into some rigorous cardio exercises.

• Change up the routine. If your daily workout is a jog around the track then move onto taking a yoga class or going on hikes on the weekends. Variety is the spice of life, and changing up your exercise routine can help prevent you from getting bored and making excuses to ditch your workout.

• Ask your friends or significant other to hold you accountable and help keep you motivated.

• Plan trips that involve physical activity. It won’t even feel like a workout if you schedule a fun camping trip or rock climbing adventure.

Curb Those Cravings

It’s so tempting to want to dive into the chips, ice cream, and candy bars as soon as you’ve hit that goal, but it’s going to lead to a downwards slope if overdone. Everything in moderation is alright, but remember, you weren’t just taking a vacation from the fatty foods; healthy eating is a lifestyle choice that needs to be maintained. Luckily, there are some easy- to- follow tips to help you conquer those pesky cravings:

• Utilize natural appetite suppressants. Nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables, water, coffee, and green tea all help reduce the feeling of hunger.

• Find a trigger outlet. Many smokers will brush their teeth and eat a mint anytime they think of lighting up a cigarette. Do the same thing when you’re craving that chocolate; it will make you less likely to want to put dirty up your mouth with all that sugar if your mouth is constantly in a refreshed state.

• Many weight loss experts agree that eating at the same time every day helps steady your metabolism and get your body used to eating on a schedule.

• Don’t allow yourself to get to the “starving” point. Not fueling your body when it’s hungry can lead to overeating later on.

• Plan out your meals and snacks, and always have a healthy snack on hand to avoid stopping for some greasy fries to tide you over until dinner.

• Plan times to indulge occasionally. If you know you’re going to go for ice cream with a friend on the weekend, it will be easier to pass on other temptations in the process.

• Keep a food diary and record everything that you consume. It can be easy to overlook that handful of chips here and there until you write it down.

• Keep a picture of yourself on the fridge of before you reached your weight loss goal as well as one after for a visual of where your hard work has landed you. Some people go as far as to hang their old pants in the pantry for motivation to pass on that midnight snack.

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Everyone slips here and there, and it’s not healthy to be too harsh on yourself if you stumble a little after your weight loss. The trick is to hold onto your positive attitude. Many people gain back a few pounds and feel a sense of failure only to use that as a slippery slope, and it’s important to avoid falling into the mind state where one little pitfall causes you to disregard all the progress you made prior to a little bit of weight gain.

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