How To Lose Weight By Running

Every individual has his own style of working out and not two runners are the same. The exercise and fitness routine, diet as well as rest depend upon the body and mind of the runner. I use to be a cross country runner who gave it up to start my own business

As time passed by I got involved in my business that I forgot to look after myself. I put on weight and before long was overweight and unable to move around. But then there was no time for grooming, as my business needed me 24/7. Never gave a thought about my own fitness levels until my knees started troubling me. That is when it struck me that I need to reduce my weight. I tried using several stuff for weight reduction. Nothing worked. I needed to lose weight drastically and so I decided to turn to my lost love – running.

Start routine by walking


I started my running session on my own pace. I knew that it’ll take me some time to start running at full speed. Initial two days were spent in walking to warm up my body. It was very difficult as I hadn’t exercised for a long time. I realized the effects of not working out. In my mind I walked, jogged and ran the whole time getting used to the idea. That gave me the impetus to continue. Once I walked for two days I started to jog for the next one week. Here I would like to mention that I couldn’t jog the whole distance. It was only for half a mile I jogged and the next half I walked. This way I completed my work out for a week to ten days. This was the most difficult period. My stomach cramped, my knees played up, I was breathless and I just couldn’t do it. It was sheer determination and will power to get back in shape that kept me going. As a cross country runner I had learned to focus only on the victory post and nothing else. The path is never smooth and hurdles are bound to arise.

A runner’s diet

Two weeks of strenuous routine made me rest for a while. I would like to mention here that when you’re into running to lose weight you should do so at your pace. If you’re unable to run for a longer time start jogging or brisk walking for a while and then push the envelope. Besides work out take care of your diet. Add proteins and carbohydrates like brown rice, wheat bread and cereals to your diet. No need to gorge on them. Just take enough to keep you from starvation. Of course you can add plenty of vegetables, salads and yogurt to your diet. The carbs get burned out while you run giving you energy to do so. Here are some do’s and don’ts for runners.

* Do not run on empty stomach. Eat at least an hour before you exercise.

* Always carry a bottle of water with you. Don’t drink while running. Also just drink enough to keep your mouth from getting parched.

* Don’t suddenly stop running. Gradually do so. Before completing your run, jog for a while or walk a mile or so. This will help the body to cool down.

* Take a warm water bath after a running session. This will help the body to cool down.

* If you’re used to running barefoot do so. Else wear proper footwear. Running shoes that give comfort to your leg without injuring it is a must.

* Wear cotton clothing while you run. Sweat pants and T’s will soak in the sweat and give you the comfort while running.

* Finally, listen to your body and it’ll send out signals about how comfortable you are with your work out session.

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