How To Make Exercising Fun

Most people know that exercise is the key to health and longevity. Exercise helps us lose weight, feel more energetic and keeps us out of the doctor’s office. There’s just one problem: Many people see exercise as a chore, one that they would prefer to avoid at all costs. The idea of running monotonous miles on the treadmill or going through the motions at the weight training circuit at the gym seems so uninspiring to them that they would prefer to never exercise at all.

People who are bored with the same old workout routines need to shake up their commitment to being fit and the methods they use to get there. Exercise doesn’t have to happen on a treadmill or weight machine. In fact, exercise can happen almost anytime, anywhere. More than that, exercise can be fun, something you actually look forward to instead of dreading.

Few Points To Make Exercise Fun

Make Exercising Fun

Choose Activities You Love

The secret to making exercise fun is to find something you enjoy. If you love to hike but haven’t been on a trail in years, then it’s time to dust off your hiking boots. Invite a friend along for companionship and support. Start out easily with a relatively short hike that doesn’t have much elevation change. After a few weeks of hiking, you’ll be ready to step up to longer trails that have challenging hill climbs. Hiking on a beautiful trail doesn’t necessarily feel like “working out,” but it is certainly exercise! While you’re burning calories and building muscle, you’re also experiencing the great outdoors on an intimate level. This experience nurtures your body and your mind, so make the most of it!

Mix It Up

Another secret to getting excited about fitness is to choose more than one activity. Even if you love hiking, it doesn’t have to be the only physical activity in which you engage. Consider trying out mountain biking or joining the company softball team. Sometimes taking a fitness class is the right remedy for someone in a workout funk. If you belong to a gym, take a look at the schedule of classes to find one that appeals to you. On the other hand, go out on a limb and try something new. Look for a tae kwon do class or beginning ballet class in your area. You’ll learn a fun new skill, meet some like-minded people and work up a sweat. That class might become one of the things you most look forward to all week.

Set Goals

Exercise is almost always more fun when you have a goal in mind. Maybe you’d like to run in your first 5k or learn how to play tennis better. Is there a triathlon for first timers coming up somewhere in your region? A little healthy competition may be just what you need to make your workout sessions a blast. Find a way to chart your progress, such as keeping a record of the distance and duration of each of your running sessions. You are likely to be amazed by your improvement, which is a pretty fail safe way to guarantee that your workouts are fun.

Be Realistic

Another key to making exercise fun is to banish stress from the equation. Unless you’re on your way to competing at the Olympics, a missed workout, or deciding to switch out one activity for another, is not going to harm your physical fitness. In fact, performing a variety of different types of exercise is the best way to achieve total body fitness. Is the weather too awful to allow a hike this week? Try out a water aerobics class at the gym instead. Remember that it doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of exercise you do. What’s really important is that you get moving and enjoy doing it.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Don’t underestimate the power of music to rejuvenate your workouts. Load up your music player with upbeat, inspirational songs that you can listen to while working out. If you’re exercising at home, consider blasting your playlist over the stereo and dancing to the music. Finding different exercise methods that are enjoyable can be the best way to get fit, stay fit and have fun doing it.

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