How To Successfully Recover After Liposuction

Liposuction procedure certainly can be a liberating procedure for many people and for good reasons. It can open the doors to a whole new chapter in life and provide new, fresh opportunities. But, before that all comes, a successful recovery from the procedure is the priority.

Aftercare is extremely important – not only for safety reasons, but also for maintaining good results in the long run. It is crucial to respect the follow-up visits to the doctor and to closely follow all the instructions provided if you want to get the best out of liposuction. If you want to find out more about how to efficiently recover after liposuction, then here you will find several useful tips and hints: Recover After Liposuction

A Closer Look At The Recovery Process – What to Do

Obviously, a significant part of the final results of the liposuction procedure depends on the aftercare. Firstly, it is very important to wear the compression garments, as their purpose is to diminish the pain, the swelling and the bruising, and to add to the overall contour of your new look. Your doctor will offer you the garments you need and he will instruct you on how to wear them correctly (and for how long).

Another aspect of utmost importance is taking all the medications prescribed by your doctor – it is not uncommon for plastic surgeons to prescribe painkillers and even antibiotics to lower the risk for infection. Also, your surgeon will teach you to look for signs of infection or any side effects that may raise a concern, such as a red or swollen and painful areas that might indicate an infection. Other signs that you should pay attention to include chest pain or shortness of breath – if you experience any of these, it is important to inform your surgeon right away.

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Stay Hydrated

You already know that the most common side effect of liposuction is swelling, which can interfere with the final result of the procedure – in order to minimize the swelling and the bruising, you must stay well-hydrated and reduce your overall sodium intake. It is known that sodium is connected to increased water retention, which will make your body look puffy.


Adequate rest also plays a vital role, and it is very important for patients to avoid stressful situations and social activities that require a lot of physical activity. It is important to slowly return to normal activity, over the course of several days or even weeks. In some cases, your doctor may even instruct you on how to gently massage the targeted areas in order to stimulate blood circulation.

Balance the Diet & Be Active

Weight plays a vital role as well, not just for health reasons but also for ensuring a satisfactory final result. Having said that, it is extremely important to try and maintain a normal and healthy weight both before and after the surgery. Also, it is important to focus on moderate physical activity, like walking – one of the most common risks of liposuction is clotting, and walking or other types of moderate physical activity significantly reduce the risk for clotting.

What Not to Do

Now that you know the things you must do after the liposuction procedure, it is important to understand the activities and actions that must be avoided, and there are some things patients must not do after this procedure. For instance, it is important to stop using over-the-counter pills and supplements that increase the risk for bleeding, both before and after the surgery.

The stitches should not be neglected either, and you must care for them at home – generally, the stitches will be removed one week after the surgery. Patients require around 10 days off work to fully recover from liposuction and, as mentioned above, strenuous activity must be resumed for about a month, otherwise the stitches may burst.

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