Lose Weight Without Working Out

If you want to lose weight then you need to burn more calories than you eat in a day. Too many people are susceptible to gimmicky weight loss diets, pills and infomercials. There is no “one stop” solution to lose weight fast. It’s about making a decision to change your life and never look back.

In this world with the mass consumption that we are experiencing, more and more people are getting obese and fat. This is actually becoming one of the biggest problems of society today.

Many people and companies have of course understood this and therefore exists a large number of products attacking this problem. The biggest problem is that most of these people and companies are not in the least interested in solving the problem. They only want to make money; in fact the people who want to lose weight are prepared to pay huge sums to accomplish this.

Weight loss is really one of the easiest things on the earth. You don’t have to study to understand how to lose weight. It is just a question of balance. If you eat more than you need, the body will have to store this extra energy in the body. On the other hand, if you eat less than the body need you, the body has to get this energy somewhere else. This is done through using the reserves in the body. Thereby you will lose weight.

Now, why isn’t this an acceptable solution for most people? The problem is that most people want direct results. It takes time to lose weight the normal way. And it is a hard way. This is not something people want today. They want it easy. It should be very, very easy and at the same time they don’t want to eat less or have to eat lower fat foods. They do not want to change their eating habits and at the same time stay slim or lose weight.

Lose Weight Without Working Out

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Of course this is impossible. You have to change something if you want to stay slim. Otherwise you will gain weight faster than you think. It is time that we stop believing that everything should be easy. If you are prepared to make a change in your eating habits, you will definitely have a healthier life. But you have to be prepared to do it!

Make a goal and make a plan for arriving at your goal. Take your goal serious! Involve other people in your goal. This is important, because the more people involved the harder it will be for you to ignore this goal.

There have been success stories of people who have lost weight by experimenting with diets. Some of the common diets that people work with are South Beach, Macrobiotic, Atkins diet, Hollywood diet and raw foods among others. Alternatively one could go for a gastric bypass surgery or liposuction and this is especially for those people with morbid obesity.

Steps To Help You Burn Fat

Determine your BMR (Basal metabolic rate)

Women: BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )

Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year )

If this is too much math for you then go online and search for “basal metabolic rate calculator” there are several all over the web.

Track your weekly activity

Track how many calories you burn while doing your daily activities. My suggestion on how to track this would be to write down every activity you do, and how long you did it. Then look online for those specific activities plus how many calories they take to do. For example, you could search in Google: “how many calories do you burn running for 30 minutes?” Or if you are into gadgets you can buy a heart rate monitor that will do everything automatically.

Do the math

After you have recording everything for about a week take your BMR plus your activity calories. Subtract your consumed calories from that. If your consumed calories is more than your BMR plus activity calories then you are going to gain weight.


John’s BMR is 1600 calories and he burns 1200 calories working out, doing chores and other regular activities. If he want’s to maintain his weight he must eat 2800 calories every day (1,600 + 1,200).

If you want to lose weight then find the activities that burn the most calories. Like I said before there is no “one stop” thing that will make you lose weight. Just change your habits, try taking the stairs every day instead of the elevator. After you get used to that add another calorie burning activity. Before you know it you will have a list of things that burn fat.

Lose weight Without Exercise

There are tips that one could use to lose weight without having to exercise at all.

• If one wants to lose weight without exercising they should first make sure that they eat breakfast on a daily basis.

• One should also eat when they are hungry so that the food they eat can be used up. When one sits down to eat they should calm their mind and they can do this by breathing deeply as they eat.

• The brain can only register the food a person is eating and when they are full if they eat their food in small amounts. Slicing one’s food into tiny pieces extends the time it takes for them to eat their food and makes them eat less and get full faster. This will make them eat less food.

• It is also advisable for one to drink water as they take bites of food as it will cleanse their pallet and calm their mind. It also brings on a feeling of fullness, which in turn causes them to stop eating.

• While eating, one should chew their food thoroughly for duration of thirty seconds so that their brain can register when they are full.

• It is also important for one to take about two breaths after each bite for their brain to register that they are finally full.

• People’s metabolism usually slows down at night and it becomes difficult for digestion to take place. It is therefore advisable for one not to take their meals very late in the night.

• During a meal, one should eat the favorite parts of their food first as this will help prevent them from overeating. This tip also allows one to stop eating their food as the best parts will be done and the person will have no desire to eat anymore.

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