Maintain A Healthy Diet In 13 Steps

The word ‘Diet’ is misinterpreted. For instance, some think it is restrictive food consumption. These erroneous practice leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Goal to live healthily is defeated.

A healthy diet should revolve around the consumption of variety of foods. The bulk calorie for your body must arrive from high fiber, low fat, or non-cholesterols foods. However, today’s diet program restricts consumption of carbohydrates and increases protein. Such diet may be useful to bulk up your muscle but are definitely not healthy.

Healthy Eating

Here are ways to maintain a healthy diet

  1. Eat Foods, which are high in fiber. Beans, whole grams, fruits, and vegetables are rich in high fiber. Nutritional values include proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Apart from its high nutritional values, these foods also decrease the absorption of carbohydrates.
  2. Certain fruits have antioxidant in them. Antioxidants prevent the occurrence of cancer. They also protect from various number of diseases. Examples of such foods are carrot, broccoli, citrus fruits etc.
  3. Limiting sugar in your diet is advisable. They are rich in calorie and can easily add up extra pounds. Sugar is added to every imaginable food like snacks, soda, candies etc. Though inevitable, limiting them to a certain extent shall be beneficial.
  4. Saturated fats are your worst enemy. They are responsible for increased blood cholesterol. The number one source for saturated fats is animal fats. Choose lean fats. Opt in for skinned poultry. While purchasing dairy products ensure they are low fat products.
  5. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are used in most processed foods. They contain trans fat which has adverse effect on your health. Cut on them as far as you can.
  6. Unsaturated fats are a boon to your heart. Include them in every possible way. Some rich sources of unsaturated fats are olive oil, sunflower oil, fish, nuts etc.
  7. Recent studies show serving size greatly increases consumption. Take moderate servings. Restaurants boast themselves of supersize or extra large dishes. Do not order them. Share the dish with a friend if you find extra large meals irresistible.
  8. Nutritional values are not confined to certain foods; you need to consume variety of dishes to benefit from the nutritional values. In most families, an unchanged weekly menu is followed. Apart from depriving your family members from essential nutrition, an unchanged menu can cause sickness. Remember ‘Variety is the spice of life’.
  9. Keep your bones and teeth strong by taking in calcium. Calcium is the building block for your bones and teeth. Consume skimmed milk or low fat dairy products. Calcium supplements can also be taken if there is insufficient calcium in your diet.
  10. Supplements cannot replace foods. Try to get most of your minerals and vitamins from foods. Supplements should be used only to supply in case of deficiency; hence the name ‘Supplement’.
  11. Maintain a balanced energy level. The amount of calories expenditure should be always higher than consumption. Incorporate physical activities in your lifestyle. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, thrice a week.
  12. Moderate alcohol consumption is good for health. Drink only during the weekends. Obviously, women should drink less as their body accumulates fat easier.
  13. Choose diet programs that have shown results. Thousands of diet programs are found over the net. Not all of them work and most of them are swindlers. Some of the best and popular diet programs are Weight watchers and Bistro MD. These two diet programs are known for their customization.

Here we are with 13 steps to lead a healthy life. However, commitment to follow these steps is essential. As a human, we are resistive to change. Nevertheless, if you ask ‘Is it worth it?’ I bet it is.

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