Morbid Obesity – Picture, Diagnose, Causes, Side Effects, Prevention, Treatment

Most of the populations all over the world are overweight, obese or morbid. These people neglect the importance of staying fit and the harsh side effects of carrying the excess body fat. Neglecting all the body health concerns and concentrating more on the job or career creates various health effects. If you wish to live longer and healthier, it’s essential to stay in the right weight. Morbid obesity is affecting most of the people due to their negative attitude towards themselves. It is a life threatening condition that interrupts the body’s physical functions like breathing and walking.

Diagnosing Morbid Obesity

People who are affected with this type of obesity are at higher risk of suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart diseases, cancer, and many more. You can diagnose morbid obesity by calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI is determined by the person’s height to his weight. A morbidly obese person is 100 pounds over from the ideal weight according to his/her height.

Causes of Morbid Obesity

Morbid Obesity Picture

There are various types of obesity causes. To know what exactly is the cause for you being obese, you need to know your body first. Researching and observing your body thoroughly helps in knowing the cause. Know all your habits and medical history before you start following any particular weight loss plan.

Metabolism rate

The main cause of excess weight is a lower metabolism rate. The body’s metabolism rate plays an important role in burning fat deposits. The higher the body’s metabolism rate, the more faster you burn fat and the lesser the metabolism rate, the slower you shed calories. It’s a simple formula: Boost up the Metabolism Rate and Lose weight! Some people think that it’s not that easy to increase the fat burning rate, but actually its very simple. Know how much your body needs the calories for the whole day and consume the desired amount. Ensure that you don’t consume too much or too less of calories to avoid getting overweight or weak. Eating a balanced diet and exercising too increases the metabolism rate.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits lead to undigested food materials in the digestive system that later results into fat deposits. Eating high amount of carbohydrate and fat rich foods increase the calorie count and puts on weight. Unknowingly your body starts pilling these fats and you tend to become overweight, obese, and later morbidly obese. Skipping meals too leads to obesity as you tend to consume more calorie rich food in the next meal that leads to weight gain.

Lack of Exercise

An inactive person eats more and exercises less. Exercise is important in today’s world where most of the people have 9 to 6 job timings that make them sit at one place for longer hours. Such job timings where you are less physically active, lead to an easy deposition of fats in your body. It is essential to burn the excess calories in your body to stay in right weight. Hence, opt for a minimum of 20 minute exercise daily to shed pounds gradually.

Other Health Causes

• Osteoarthritis

• Hypertension

• Diabetes

• Depression

These diseases make you eat more and lead to excess weight.

Side Effects of Morbid Obesity

This type of obesity leads to various medical emergencies. The morbidly obese person suffer from heart stroke, prostrate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, gall stone disease, Type2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Apart from the health disorders, this obesity creates a negative impact on your mind. It disturbs you mentally and emotionally and makes you feel less confident in carrying yourself for various social events. You gradually go under depression where you get scared of the negative comments people may pass on you for looking obese and ugly. These all side effects result into a deserted person that slowly puts on weight.

Prevention of Morbid Obesity

Know the cause of the morbid obesity for your body and start working towards it. You can prevent getting obese by gradually turning from obesity to getting overweight and then coming back in normal weight. Prevent your body from getting morbidly obese by following a low calorie diet and exercising on a regular basis. Make your diet chart and follow it in order to keep a track on your calorie intake.

Treatment Of Morbid Obesity

Once you are affected with this type of obesity, it’s difficult to come out of it with merely following a strict diet and exercising. Only 5 percent of people come out of morbid obesity by dieting and exercising. The only better option for such people is by undergoing surgeries that make them lose weight. Bariatric surgery is the type of surgery that alters the body’s digestion and absorption process.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

• Sleeve Gastrectomy

• Gastric Bypass

• Gastric Banding

Consult your doctor for the best Bariatric surgery that suits your body.

Know the morbid obesity causes, side effects, prevention and treatment and stay fit and healthy.

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