Natural Ayurvedic Remedies For Obesity

Obesity or overweight is a situation whereby there is excessive storage of fat in one’s body. That is, when the amount of calories taken exceeds the amount of calories burnt. If storage of this fat is excessive, then one’s health is put at a risk and can lead to harmful conditions such as damage to the liver, heart diseases, diabetes, problems related to kidney and arthritis which can in turn result to disability.

How obesity leads to disabilities

Obesity can lead to disabilities as it affects life basics. If activities like walking, sitting, bending, climbing stairs and digestion are impaired, then that is a disability. Obesity can solely lead to disability. Older groups have high chances of suffering from disability as a result of obesity than the younger groups. This is because older people do not take a lot of physical exercises.

How do I claim for Disability Living Allowance?

If you are a UK citizen and you are obese and your current situation does not allow you to work, you can claim Disability Living Allowance through the Disability Living Allowance Contact. You shall be given guidelines on requirements and how to claim either for adults or for children. You must be able to prove medically that the disability has led to disability for your claim to be considered.

Causes of obesity

Obesity is mostly caused by taking in of diets which have high contents of fat and calories.

There are also other causes of obesity such as tumors, drugs, insulin and pregnancy.

Ayurvedic remedies

Ayurvedic remedies For obesity

According to Ayurveda, medarog is the word that refers to obesity and it appears when kapha aggravates. Someone with pitta dosha is prone to poor digestion resulting from low fire needed for digestion leading to obesity. People with vata dosha can also suffer from obesity if they take diets which are rich in fats and oils while trying to balance vata. Ayurvedic approach designs strategies for each person based on a person’s condition. That is, a person’s dosha determines the approach to be followed.

There are natural ayurvedic remedies for obesity which includes the following steps;

Kapha dosha needs to be pacified; this is achievable through elimination of foods that aggravates kapha in one’s diet.

Cleansing herbs are then used to cleanse the channels of medavahi. This helps one to lose the excess weight.

To protect yourself from obesity you can try out the following;

* You should avoid taking diets which have high carbohydrates levels like potatoes.

* Take a lot of fruits, vegetables and salads.

* Take bitter vegetables

* Refrain from taking refined rice and wheat flour and instead take brown rice and wheat flour which is not refined.

* Refrain from taking processed foods, fatty foods, butter, ice-cream, fried and oily foods and yoghurt.

* Physical activities can also help you to lose weight. These activities include jogging, swimming and walking and they do not need to be competitive.

Home remedies for obesity

* A mixture of equal quantities of dried ginger, long pepper and black pepper can help in weight loss if a half teaspoon is taken with warm water twice a day.

* You can take one cup of water which is warm and a teaspoon of both honey and lime juice and black pepper two times a day on a stomach which is empty.

* You can boil about 7 to 8 mint leaves for about 20 to 30 minutes in one cup of water. After cooling, add a teaspoon full of honey and black pepper pinch; take this water 2 to 3 times a day.

You can try out the above ayurvedic remedies for obesity either to protect your body from obesity or treat it naturally. This will enable your body to regain fitness without fear of side effects associated with chemical remedies of obesity.

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