Obesity Among Children How To Prevent It

Obesity among children has become an important issue nowadays. Necessary action should be taken immediately so as to stop gaining weight. While there are currently one million obese children under the age of 16, if the current trend is not reversed 9 in 10 children will be overweight or obese by 2050.

The implications of childhood obesity

Being overweight can contribute to a number of illnesses, and obesity in childhood is even worse because the damage starts getting done from an early age. We have already seen an increase in childhood type 2 diabetes, which can reduce your life expectancy by about 10 years. In the future it is thought that heart disease, osteoarthritis and some cancers will also be on the increase as a result of childhood obesity. It is estimated that the health problems arising as a result of an increasingly obese population will cost the NHS and wider economy £50 billion by 2050. Furthermore, despite the growing number of overweight children, they can still be targeted and picked on as outsiders, which can have devastating consequences on their self-esteem.

Preventing childhood obesity

Preventing childhood obesity

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There are plenty of ways that parents can work with their children to help prevent them becoming overweight. Parents must provide their children with a healthy diet that is low in fat and sugar. This doesn’t mean totally eliminating treats, but it does mean recognising that giving into your child’s demands can do them harm in the long run.

Schools have recently began providing healthier options, but parents should feel comfortable finding out what their child’s school is dishing out and putting pressure on schools to improve their menus if necessary.

As well as a good diet, it’s important that children get enough physical exercise. Again, schools can play a part with PE lessons, but some schools offer as little as two hours a week. If your child would rather spend their afternoons and weekends watching television or playing video games it’s up to you to try and encourage them to find a more active hobby.

It’s a common misconception that if a young boy doesn’t like football he must just be quite lazy, but often it’s the sport itself that isn’t liked. There are plenty of activities for kids to do whether it’s judo or badminton, so it’s important that parents don’t give up if their first few ideas don’t go down well with their child.

It can at times be difficult to make children do things they don’t want – such as eating healthily or doing physical exercise. This is why it’s essential that you explain to them in an appropriate way about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it will impact their future.

Losing weight means to lose more calories either by consuming low calorie foods or exercise more to burn the extra calories that have been consumed. Children are more prone to eat good and tasty foods without considering the effects but it rest on the parents to target the children’s eating habits and help them to visit gymnasiums and yoga class on regular basis.

However, if a child during his infancy is introduced solid foods afterward, it will prevent the child from getting obese. And in early childhood, children should be forced to eat healthy, low-fat snacks and some healthy exercises along with other outside playful activities should be highly encouraged. Eating meals while sitting in front of television should be discouraged. In these cases, the parents need to be more supportive so as to see they do not hurt their children’s feeling indirectly.

Instead of criticizing they should encourage their children to eat right food and do health exercises. Children who are obese should go to a consultant who can advise them about their required nutritious food. They should always try to be sensitive to the children’ social relationships and help them to cope up with the environment.

The diet should contain foods made of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, pasta, brown bread and rice. Non-fat dairy products like frozen yogurt, low fat yogurt or cheese and fruit juice are always a good choice. While non-vegetarian items like lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs are good choice. Snacks in between meals are suggested by experts.

What should you do if your child is already Overweight

Parents concerned about their child’s weight may want to get tailored advice from their doctor, but generally treatment and prevention methods are similar.

Providing a healthy diet to your child while encouraging them to lead a more active lifestyle should hopefully allow them to begin losing weight at a sensible pace.

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