10 Tips To Overcome Sugar Addiction

Every year the average American will have on average 156 pounds of refined sugar and 40 pounds of high fructose corn syrup. This average has increased from the 123 pounds of refined sugar that the average American would consume in 1970. High fructose corn syrup and fructose were not added into ingredients back in the 70’s, which means we’re having around 190 to 200 pounds of sugar a year.

The sugar epidemic is a very serious contributor to obesity and many other health problems that we have in the United States. Food corporations know that refined sugar makes things taste really good and these tasty foods will increase sells. Not only do these foods increase sells, but refined sugar is very affordable so it really increases profit. This drive that food corporations have for profit has pushed refined sugar into almost every food item on the shelf.

To eliminate obesity it’s vital to cut back on sugar. Giving up sugar is very difficult because the human body has been addicted for years, so the body will go through very strong withdrawals. The withdrawals can be tough for months. The energy the metabolism uses to burn the sugar will then be moved to burning fat. This is why people will lose weight once they give up refined sugar.

There are some amazing benefits to giving up refined sugar besides just weight loss, here’s a list of a couple:

* Giving up refined sugar will increase your focus by creating a mental clarity.

* You’ll notice a stronger immune system, which mean less colds, fevers and disease in general.

* Balanced energy throughout the whole day, every day.

* Better sleep, those that have caffeinated drinks will even find a deeper sleep if they give them up.

* Less depression or mood swings, the body and serotonin will become more balanced which will affect the mood.

There are many other benefits that you’ll discover. Everybody is different, so each individual will find different types of reactions and benefits.

Giving up sugar can be extremely difficult and life changing. It’s very difficult, the difficulty will depend on how often and how much sugar you have in your diet. There are many important tips and tactics that each person can apply that will help to overcome the sugar addiction. Here’s a list of ten:

Sugar Addiction

1. Try very hard to find a healthy replacement to eliminate the cravings. Organic protein bars like cliff bars or just fruit and vegetables can work. It’s difficult but it will work.

2. Exercise and do a lot of cardio, this helps big time. When you’re exercising everyday you naturally will fight harder to not give into temptation. This will also cut the bad fat and make you have more energy.

3. Shop at healthier stores, if you don’t buy it, you will not eat it. People will buy it because they walk into temptation at the stores they shop in. If you shop for food in healthier stores it can be a little more money but it’s worth the investment.

4. Just say no thank you. The social pressure is incredible and you’ll soon find this out. Around the holidays it can get very viscous and some friends might take offense. Try not to explain that you’re giving up refined sugar, they will tell everyone around. Just say no thanks! It works.

5. Set strict and strong goals. Imagine how great it will be when you make it two years without having any refined sugar. It will take at least a month to escape the withdrawals. Set strong goals and figure out how to achieve them. Don’t give up on your goals, it’s worth it.

6. Read, read and remember. You need to remind yourself often why you’re doing what you’re doing. Knowledge stimulates willpower. Remembering things can work miracles. Reading health information helps fuel the willpower.

7. Find a great healthy cleanse. There are some healthy cleanses out there and they’re worth it when it comes to eliminating cravings. Cleanses will help balance all of the systems in the body which will help eliminate cravings.

8. Drink water, hydration helps big time. Sometimes you’re not hungry you’re thirsty, not all of the time but it’s a big help by creating an alkalized environment.

9. Stay away from boredom. Find things to do, be active. It will amaze you to know how many calories you eat just because you’re bored. When you’re bored find something to read online.

10. Stay away from artificial sweeteners and anything diet. Sadly, sweeteners will increase your cravings for sugar. Pure water or pure raw juice will taste so much better and will help you so much better.

The great thing about these tips is that they will help you eliminate unwanted fat. These tips are great for anyone who might struggle with compulsive overeating. Overcoming a lifetime sugar addiction is very difficult. It will take you at least 30 days before the cravings are completely gone. If you’re struggling and giving in, you might want to just start off by allowing yourself to eat sweets once a week. Then ease off of it. This will be the best thing you can do for your body. It’s worth it and it works.

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