10 Causes Of Obesity

Obesity Cause

Obesity is extremely high weight that is dangerous to the health of the obese. It has many causes, not all of which are simply eating too much or eating the wrong food. Obesity can have deep emotional causes and underlying physical causes. It is nearly always not just a matter of lack of dieting and […]

Relaxing Leads To Weight Gain


You come home from a hard day at the office and the first thing you want to do is hit the couch for some good relaxation time. While this may sound like a healthy alternative after a grueling day, researching is now showing that relaxing in itself may add to the growing problem of obesity. […]

Alternative Weight Loss Methods – Acupuncture Vs Hypnosis

Acupuncture Vs Hypnosis

Common features: Acupuncture vs Hypnosis * They both work only as a part of a bigger weight loss plan which also includes proper diet and exercise. * You have to be patient because immediate improvement is not very likely. Usually it takes several therapies to see any results. * Both of these methods lack scientifically […]

Reduce Obesity With The Help Of Green Tea

Green Tea

Obesity not only hinders one’s growth of personality in social and psychological ways but is also a critical biological situation where the body weight is in excess compared to the height, age and gender. This scale of measurement is called the BMI (Body Mass Index) and when it exceeds 30 kg per meter square units, […]

What Is The Best Detox Diet?


Nowadays, health trends are all about “detoxifying”. It is one of the most prominent concepts of maintaining good health that is introduced to us by alternative health practitioners. Detoxifying is the process of flushing bad, toxic stuff from our bodies. This is commonly done with special diets. However, since the fad today is detox, many […]

Martial Arts: One Of The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Fat

Martial art

Martial art is a fun way to get in shape. More often than not, people do not engage in activities which they do not find enjoyable. The fact is, as with any form of physical activity, someone must gain some form of enjoyment from it in order for them to feel compelled to repeat the […]

Dealing With Obesity Through 5 Simple Home Exercise

Obesity Home Exercise

The fight against obesity can begin at home, without the fear of prying eyes and derisive sniggers. If you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellness through exercise, you don’t need to join an expensive athletic club or sign up for an early-morning boot camp. While many people enjoy the social aspect of exercising […]

My Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss Mistake

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the process of weight loss, believe me I know what it’s like. It’s almost laughable the amount of diets I’ve tried and the money I’ve spent on the process. While I regret a few of my methods, I definitely know they have added to my experience and allowed me […]

The 10 Natural Foods To Fight Obesity


Weight loss shouldn’t be a stressful or a daunting task, unless you allow it to be. Today, we will give you a good insight on 10 foods to fight obesity. Browse through them and choose which ones to include in your daily diet. Grapes Grapes are perfect for snacks rather than junk foods and other […]

Shed Those Pounds Now – Follow These 5 Basic Exercise To Burn Fat

Upper body

The single most important step to shedding excess body fat is making the decision that only you can make it happen. Once you have set your goal to improve your self-image–your determination will take you through the next challenge–starting your own home exercise program. In any exercise regimen “sticking with it—no excuses—and ‘no pain-no gain’”kind […]

5 Foods That Will Help You Shed Pounds

Foods Shed pounds

Although most people think of food as being the culprit in their weight struggles, it’s important to realize the difference between foods that cause you to gain weight and food that can help you win the weight loss battle. You can probably start naming foods that cause weight gain quickly, but how many foods that […]

How To Make Your Own Health Shakes And Smoothies

Health Shakes

There are many great reasons to make your own healthy shakes and smoothies at home. First of all, it’s much cheaper to make them yourself. Shakes and smoothies purchased at fast food chains and juice bars can cost up to $5 or more per beverage, making it an indulgence most people wouldn’t consider on a […]