How To Add More Lean Protein To Your Diet

Lean Protein

Getting enough lean protein is essential for people who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle; however it can be difficult to figure out how to include more lean protein into our diets. Most people stick to a diet that is based more around carbohydrates than one with lean protein, and while you may […]

5 Minutes To Fitness

Treadmill Fitness

Everyone wants to be fitter, everyone wants to be healthier, and everyone wants that perfect body. But in modern society we quite often just don’t have the time to fit everything in. You have your work commitments, you have your family commitments and at the end of the day you don’t want to be spending […]

Foods that Help Prevent Obesity


Obese people will most likely to have very low self-esteem. Furthermore, their confidence will also be affected because of their physical looks. This is true especially now that we are living in a world where those slim and sexy people receive more attention and compliments. Obesity also increases the person’s vulnerability to anxiety attacks and […]

Does P90X Really Work As It Promises?

P90X Really Work

Does P90X really work or is it just another fitness fad? I must admit that P90X is probably one of the most hyped-up exercise programs to date. I mean, with those eye-popping infomercials and all, people will either jump to the bandwagon or harshly put a question mark on this workout program’s reliability. Before I […]

5 Ways To Make Thai Food Healthier

5 Ways to Make Thai Food Healthier

Compared to many types of Western fare, Thai food is very healthy. The fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables used so often in Thai dishes boost their nutrition without significantly increasing the calories. However, some Thai meals can contain high amounts of sugar and fat. If you love Thai food and want to eat it without […]

5 Ways To Treat Obesity

Obesity Treatment

Obesity refers to the fat overload. This is a condition in which the excessive fat is gathered in body especially near the stomach region. The reasons of fats can be anything such as disease and hormonal disturbance. It is called by the name Medo roga in Ayurveda. Obesity increases the chances of heart diseases, blood […]

How Can Seaweed Reduce Obesity?


Million of people struggle with weight problems. Over forty percent of the people in the United States are considered overweight. There are many different weight loss pills and fad diets on the market now, but these diets vary in effectiveness and many have side effects that are unsafe. However, there is an all natural alternative […]

Are You Battling The Belly Fat?

Battling Belly Fat

You’re a full time blogger who sits in front of your PC all day and sometimes even at night. There is no physical exercise and you’re constantly eating fried stuff and ready made foods and gulping cups of coffee. Every time you think of exercising you postpone it by a day or two and that […]

How To Make Exercising Fun

Make Exercising Fun

Most people know that exercise is the key to health and longevity. Exercise helps us lose weight, feel more energetic and keeps us out of the doctor’s office. There’s just one problem: Many people see exercise as a chore, one that they would prefer to avoid at all costs. The idea of running monotonous miles […]

Healthy Weight Loss—10 Rules You Need to Follow

10 Healthy Weight Loss

Summer is just about here and weight loss is definitely high on a lot of our agendas. After all, we’d all like to get healthy in order to fully enjoy the season—not to mention look great at the beach. While dieting and weight loss can be done in a really unhealthy and destructive way, opt […]

The Importance Of Fitness


Fitness refers to the overall well-being, connecting all the key factors of a healthy body, which leads to creative and dynamic logical activity. Fitness is important to all human beings. In fact, the importance of fitness remains imperative to good health and healthy living of human beings. However, with the advent of latest machines and […]

Top 10 Things To Keep In Mind In Losing Weight

Losing Weight in 10 Ways

Developing a healthy lifestyle is a challenge for many people. A new fad diet hits the market every few months. There are thousands of exercise videos and there always seems to be a new fitness craze. It is no wonder people struggle to develop a healthy lifestyle. While knowledge is power, the diet market is […]