Picking the Right Weight Loss Retreats

Films such as Heavyweights and the popular TV program The Biggest Loser show that fitness retreats are a fixture of popular culture. This is especially true in the industrialized world, where physical fitness is now a constant challenge, thanks to white collar lifestyles and the wide availability of low quality, high-calorie food. Weight loss retreats are often seen as a consequence of a sedentary society where being overweight is now the norm.

Many people find it very challenging, if not impossible, to get enough exercise. Quite often, when one does find the time, it can be difficult to follow through on most fitness programs alone. Fitness retreats not only a respite from the pressures of city living, they are a reliable way for groups of people to lose weight in a controlled environment.

How To choose Right weight Loss retreats

Weight Loss Retreats

What Should I Expect?

Weight loss and fitness retreats are often stereotyped as places where drill instructors scream at groups of overweight city slickers in a series of attempts to terrorize them into shape, modern programs are a far cry from their military boot camp origins. Encouragement and friendly competition are now the norm for these programs. While you might still find fitness retreats with a more old-school approach, these are now quite rare. When in doubt, disregard programs that have outrageous claims.

What Kinds of Programs Will I Find?

Programs typically emphasize certain types of exercise or have different themes. Different programs may espouse a certain philosophy or school of thought. Weight loss retreats with a focus on yoga for instance, are now quite common. Other common types of weight loss retreats include ones with religious slants, and others with a focus on nature and hiking. You will have a much better time at the retreat if the theme or program matches your particular interests.

These retreats are normally held in secluded areas, far from the distractions of city life. Most weight loss retreats are live-in programs, where participants stay at a site for extended periods. This allows instructors to more closely monitor progress and gauge how best to help the participants. Diet and exercise are closely controlled and monitored, so results are often much more reliable at these camps than enrolees could manage by themselves.

What Should I Watch Out For?

There a dozens of fad retreats out there. While there might be a grain of truth to many of the claims their proponents are making, there’s plenty of programs out there that are just plain not worth it. When something sounds too good to be true, it normally is. And this is definitely the rule when it comes to fitness. These programs are never particularly easy for the most part and if anyone claims to have a program that gets you effortless results, it’s probably best to ignore it.

Also as a general rule, it’s best to go for programs with a favorable student-to-instructor ratio. Instructors often cannot give individual participants the attention they need when working in large groups. Smaller classes tend to allow instructors to better monitor the progress of each person in the group.

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