Reduce Obesity With The Help Of Green Tea

Obesity not only hinders one’s growth of personality in social and psychological ways but is also a critical biological situation where the body weight is in excess compared to the height, age and gender. This scale of measurement is called the BMI (Body Mass Index) and when it exceeds 30 kg per meter square units, the condition is termed obesity.

There is a thin line of difference between obesity symptoms and effects of obesity. A person whose is obese often feels tired. With body pain and increasing difficulty in doing physical work, they experience breathlessness and chest pain too. If not taken care properly in the initial stages, it can lead to Diabetes, increased cholesterol levels in the body, hypertension and of course heart problems are mostly inevitable. These are the primary and secondary symptoms or effects.

Treatment of Obesity with the help of green tea

Green Tea

The treatments for obesity are majorly designed based on two criteria; to avoid further accumulation of body fat/ weight and to burn off the existing excess fat. Among the many methods in achieving this, Green Tea is a naturally existing substance that can be used as a supplement in obesity treatment

Green Tea has been used by humans since ages. The Eastern and South East Asian regions are pioneers in the cultivation and consumption of Tea. India, China, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and many such countries depend on tea for a major share of their economies. Green Tea is a traditional and ancient drink with both culinary and medicinal significance.

Green tea is prepared solely by boiling the extracts of Camellia Sinensis leaves. It is best effective when prepared with little or no oxidation. This is to ensure that the constituents of green tea like carotenoids, tocopherols, Vitamin C, minerals like zinc and chromium are in tact. But a major constituent of green tea which interests in the obesity treatments is the polyphenols. A particular compound called the epigallocatechin gallate is known to have an effect on the metabolism of the humans when consumed. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and is thus known to stimulate metabolic activities and increase fat burning by over four percent.

Green tea is also known to suppress the risks of heart diseases because it is helpful in reducing the cholesterol’s levels considerably in the body. This has an overall effect of obesity treatment while acting as an energy booster drink too. Green tea extracts contain lesser quantities of caffeine when compared to other tea varieties like black tea. Green tea therefore does not pose the risk of addiction which coffee or black tea has. Green tea induces sleep because of the caffeine content, it in a way helps reducing obesity; as consistent and relaxing long sleeping schedules burn the excess fat and can give you a soothing effect of feeling light and active.

A blend of green tea and black tea is also found to be very effective and possessing great medicinal value. The aflavin is a chemical which is more present in black tea and when combined with the antioxidant effect of green tea, the blend is more powerful in reducing obesity and related cardiovascular diseases.

Summary of Green Tea Benefits:

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant which helps reduce obesity. This antioxidant property makes it a powerful killer of cancerous cells while not damaging the healthy ones. Though not clinically proven, it helps fighting cancer. It prevents unnecessary clotting of blood and has a positive effect in prevention of dental problems like tooth decay, gum swelling, cavity problems among the others. Because of its antimicrobial property, it can be helpful in preventing bad breath too!

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