5 Ways Of Reducing Love Handles Quickly

Love handles is a common problem associated with people fighting obesity. They are a nightmare for woman folks as it completely ruins the figure and destroys your vital body statistics. Moreover, reducing them can be a headache as it involves hours of workout along with proper diet. Nevertheless, by eating the right food and regular work out, you can fight love handles and regain the desired physical features. For fighting love handles you need to follow a strict diet that totally restricts on the intake of fat along with particular exercises that triggers the burning of fat stored over your hips that is the fat stored right over the oblique muscles present at the sides of your waist. Below mentioned some are steps and guidelines following which you can reduce your love handles effectively.

Reduce Love Handles

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• Love handles are basically deposition of the fat from the food that you consume, over the hips at the sides of the waist. These fats are stubborn in nature and are often difficult to burn. The most important thing that you should do if you aim in treating your love handles is to cut on the fat intake. Food that contains fat, sodium, sugar, etc. must be strictly avoided as they contain fats and compounds that gets easily stored on the sides of the waist resulting in love handles. Indulge more in eating vegetables, fruits, and food items rich in minerals and fibers. Oatmeal, brown rice, carrots, and fruit juice also helps in reducing body weight and fat content.

• You must realize that there are some areas in the body where fat gets easily stored. The region at the sides of the waist above the hips is one of such areas. Although the exact reason is unknown for this occurrence but according to many experts it happens in those areas where there is not much muscle movement. The waist is one of such areas where the muscles are almost stagnant and don’t play much role in locomotion unlike hands, legs, etc. As a result there is more deposition of the fat in such areas compared to other parts of the body. Hence you need concentrate on the muscles of the torso and waist if you want to get rid of your love handles. There are certain exercise that helps in reducing fat that helps in the formation of love handles. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging, swimming, etc. helps in treating love handles. Exercise that triggers the working of the oblique muscles present over the hips at both sides of the torso below the ribs is also of great help. Some of the exercises recommended for treating love handles are crunches, side crunches, squats, etc. Besides cycling, rowing, climbing stairs, skating, etc. are greatly effective in reducing love handles.

• Maintaining a correct posture while sitting, standing, sleeping is also of significantly importance and puts a check on the deposition of fat in the waist region. You must maintain a proper posture while working as many of you spend a considerable amount of time sitting on a chair working on the desk with your computer. Make sure that you spin is erect with soldiers straightened, waist flattened and kept inside compared to the chest. Follow the same while standing and make sure you sleep in right posture as well.

• Meditation and yoga are an effective medium in treating diseases related to obesity and body fat. Meditation and yoga are highly effective when practiced in the morning and/or in the evening after 4/5 hours of food consumption. Yoga exercise is not only helpful in weight reduction but also helps in treating other diseases and maintain general fitness of the body.

• You must maintain proper timing while consuming food. Try to eat 6 times a day that is after every 3 hours but concentrate in eating less. The important thing to remember is that you must consume enough food to suppress your hunger but overeating and unnecessary binging must be prohibited. Make sure you consume plenty of water before eating so that your stomach is filled with water ultimately aiding you in eating less.

The simple way to treat love handles is by following a proper diet along with regular physical exercise, which are actually easier said than done. But if you are determined enough, you will surely make some positive reinforcement and changes in your life style and get rid of your love handles effectively by following the above steps.

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