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Weight Loss Effects Of Green Lean Juices

Green Lean Juices

More and more dieters are beginning to appreciate the weight loss effects of lean green juices today. Like the Atkins diet and the gluten-free diet, the Paleo diet and the South Beach diet, the juicing diet is becoming quite the craze today. Juicing helps not only in cleansing your entire system but helps you lose […]

Natural Ayurvedic Remedies For Obesity

Ayurvedic remedies For obesity

Obesity or overweight is a situation whereby there is excessive storage of fat in one’s body. That is, when the amount of calories taken exceeds the amount of calories burnt. If storage of this fat is excessive, then one’s health is put at a risk and can lead to harmful conditions such as damage to […]

Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking

Several of my hypnotherapy clients that come to me for help with smoking cessation have admitted one of the main reasons they have avoided giving up cigarettes is the likely weight gain that will result. But does smoking cessation really cause weight gain? Not always. Smoking is a habit the body learns, and you simply […]

5 Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid

Workout Mistake

Starting a workout program is easy; sticking to one for the long haul is where the challenge arises. There are a few mistakes you can avoid however if you want a higher chance of staying on the right track. Below are the five most common mistakes people make that cause their diets to derail. Over […]

13 Health Problems Related To Obesity

Health issues of being obese

Obesity can be stated as a medical term in which excess amount of fat starts to accumulate inside our body and finally give rise to some hazardous health problems. It can also decrease the life expectancy of an individual to a great extent. To avoid such negative result, following healthy dietary routine and exercise is […]

5 Great Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight and keeping it off is actually a pretty complicated fitness goal and is often difficult to achieve at times. Many people go on diets that allow them to lose a ridiculous amount of weight in a very short period of time. Also known as “fad diets”, this dangerous approach to weight loss can […]

Try Zumba As An Alternate Fitness Class This Year

Zumba Fitness

If you have been looking for a different way to work out, then you should try Zumba. Zumba fitness classes are one of the latest fitness sensation that has gone viral around the world. Zumba is a dance exercise class that absolutely anyone can enjoy at any age and in any condition. Whether you have […]

Why Appetite Suppressant Needed For Weight Loss?

Appetite Suppressant

Is it possible to lose weight without suppressing your appetite? If not, then why appetite suppression is so much needed?

5 Ways Of Achieving Weight Loss Goals

 Weight Loss goals

Weight loss is something that almost everyone wants. Whether we want our shape to be a little svelter or want to tone up a specific area, weight loss and toning your figure are important to most people. Staying healthy while you lose weight is also important which means that a weight loss fitness programme should play a […]

Controversy Over HCG Diet

HCG Diet

The HCG Diet has plenty of proponents who say the diet works; the weight loss plan also has opponents who claim fraud. Who’s right? When it comes to health related issues, it often seems like everyone has to have their say. And each opinion that comes to light seems to contradict someone else’s. All these […]

High Fiber Diet Pros And cons

High Fiber Diet

Are you suffering from constipation, having a feeling of satiety, experiencing variations in blood sugar levels and feeling tired often? If yes, then you are not including enough fiber in your diet. Lack of fiber in diet increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In order to stay healthy and ward off any illness […]

How To Lose Body Fat For Busy People

Busy People lose fat

It really seems that more and more people are just getting busier as time goes on. So many people are used to living a hectic lifestyle that people just don’t question it anymore. Its got to the point where people just don’t have the time to eat the right foods at the right time. This […]