The 10 Natural Foods To Fight Obesity

Weight loss shouldn’t be a stressful or a daunting task, unless you allow it to be. Today, we will give you a good insight on 10 foods to fight obesity. Browse through them and choose which ones to include in your daily diet.



Grapes are perfect for snacks rather than junk foods and other heavy calorie food items. Why will you like grapes? Despite the fact that they are tasty, they also have high amounts of natural sugar. This serves as a great source of energy, perfect to compensate for the energy needed after a hard day’s work or intense workout routine. Moreover, grapes are low in calories – a hundred grams contain only 70 calories. You continue to serve your munching habit but this one with a nutritious, fat-free food.



Sadly, we are not referring to French fries you will find in your local fast food stalls. Instead we want you eat potatoes that are not fried, such as boiled or baked. Potatoes when prepared healthily contain only around 90 calories. They are one of the nutrient-dense natural foods, which you get a good amount of fiber as well as photochemical that include flavonoids and kukoamine. These photochemical are great antioxidants and are known to lower blood cholesterol and hypertension.



When we say bulk, what comes to your mind? For many it actually means something that makes you feel “full” fast and longer. When you want to decrease your appetite and at the same time improve your metabolism, you’ll want to have high fiber meals such as oats. Fiber easily rids hunger and keeps you at that state for a longer period. Also, oats are said to remove fat and other toxins from the digestive tract since it improves digestion and good bowel movement.



Oranges or citrus fruits in particular are known to help you lose weight. Oranges are high in vitamin C that has a fat burning quality. Studies have shown that it reduces the effectiveness of fat and promotes flushing it off the system. Additionally Vitamin C keeps you away from sickness by improving immunity. You can freely check other citrus fruits as well.



Vegetables in general are healthy. They contain low amounts of calories so you’re allowed to eat more of them. The good part is you can create nutritious salads out of the various vegetables to help you fight obesity. Make salads with carrot, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and top it with as squeeze of lemon or olive oil. Taking this kind of meal as your main dish easily covers weight reduction and nutrient intake.



Fish like salmons, mackerel and tuna are a great source of good cholesterol and Omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain a nice amount of protein enough to sustain your daily needs. You’ll love fish because they don’t contain a high amount of calories compared to common poultry and meat. The omega 3 fatty acids and good cholesterol fight away the bad cholesterol or the saturated fat in the body. Overall, fish keeps you healthy and light.

Nuts or other foods with shell


Most people just love to have something to munch, especially while watching a movie or during hangouts. A certain group of natural food items can help you avoid ordering regular chips and powdered filled popcorn’s. These include pistachio nuts, walnuts in the shell, peanuts and seeds. You easily control your appetite and slow down eating – since you’ll give extra effort and time to take each nut.



Calcium keeps fat from storing in the body. Aside from milk, you can get a good amount of calcium from solid foods such as curd. It is also a good source of protein and other vitamins. Just make sure it’s made from skimmed cow’s milk.



One of the purest forms of protein is egg. The white part of eggs is mainly albumin. Compared to other food items like chicken and meat products, you’ll get fewer calories with eggs. Some people remove the yellow part of eggs, but it doesn’t really matter a lot. The yellow part is considered a good source of fat as well.



Garlic has a good amount of allicin – a component that is known to burn body fats. Moreover, garlic is known to decrease cholesterol level in the blood thus reducing cases of hypertension. You can easily add garlic in your dish or if you want, you can take them raw. Some people take them raw as immediate remedy to hypertension.

Overall, those were the top 10 foods to take to fight obesity. Remember that obesity is just a condition, which can be handled. If you start with these foods and progress to a healthier lifestyle, results will certainly come. You just have to act today.

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