Tips To Lose Belly Fat For Women

Today an increasing number of women are becoming conscious about their health. They try to take some time out of their professional and family life and utilize that time to take care of their own health. They want to look and feel good. Staying healthy is the primary factor that makes you look and feel good. It is observed that when reducing weight, most women try to focus on their midsection as they tend to gain fat in this area. Although it is not really possible to spot-reduce your tummy fat, but you can take some steps to get a toned figure gradually. You must follow some tips to lose stomach fat for women so that you can lead a live a healthy life.

Excessive belly fat is a common problem found in many women. This fat may lead to several cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In women, this fat is caused by several factors like age, hereditary factors, hormonal changes mainly dropping of estrogen levels, low production of hormone dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, stress, etc. Whatever may be the reason, you must try to get rid of abdominal fat.

Here we provide you some tips to lose belly fat for women. Follow the steps with strong determination and see the results within a short time span.

Lose Stomach fat

Healthy Diet

• Take 1 cup of warm water and add 4-5 drops of lemon. Take 8-12 glasses of water throughout the day.

• Avoid taking 3-4 cups of coffee throughout the day. Instead switch to green tea that has natural caffeine; have1 cup of green tea in the morning and 1 cup of coffee in the afternoon. Take 1 glass of pomegranate juice everyday.

• Put a big NO to sugar. Avoid white pasta, white breads and potatoes. You can have sandwiches made of brown breads. Eat fresh and whole foods.

• Cut on bad fat found in popcorn, cake, chips, fried foods, junk foods etc. Instead go for good fat found in fish oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acid), avocado, walnut, olive oil and flax seed oil.

• Eat any one fruit everyday before 12 in the noon. Prefer to take blueberries, strawberries, water melon, pomegranate etc. Fruits have low energy density levels that make you feel fuller without taking a lot of calories. Some fruits have slightly more calories like apples and bananas. These fruits also contain high fiber that helps curb the total calorie consumption in your body.

• Take a lot of vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, peppers and foods that are rich in lean protein.


• Follow a work-out regime for 5-6 days a week.

• Cardio, strength training and yoga exercises work best for reducing tummy fat. You can opt for 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes strength training in the evening and 20-30 minutes in the morning. Long arm crunch, side plank, exercise ball crunch, push-ups, bicycle exercise and bodyweight squats can really do wonders.

Yoga exercises like Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose, Cat Pose or Bidalasana, Half-seated Spinal Twist, Paschimottanasana or Bent Knee Trunk Flexion etc. benefit you to a greater extent in reducing the tummy fat.

• Try to go for brisk walking or swimming for half an hour on the day when you are not exercising. Some physical activity is needed everyday that will accelerate your body’s metabolic rate. In this way no fat will be stored in your body.

Lifestyle changes

• As a woman you may be very busy with your professional responsibility and household chores. But you have to bring slight changes in your lifestyle if you want to get a toned figure devoid of abdominal fat. Take food on time and never skip breakfast. Don’t try to go on a restrictive or a fad diet.

• One of the most important tips to lose stomach fat for women is to read lifestyle magazines that will make you aware of your diet and other habits also. Take 5-6 small meals a day. Try to maintain a food diary that will help you to keep a track of your eating routine. Meet a dietitian once in every 15 days and show him/her the diary, and seek their advice to make changes in your diet, if required.

• Whatever may be your responsibilities, try to sleep for 7-8 hours a day. This also helps to reduce stress that produces stress hormones. These hormones are one of the primary reasons of belly fat.

• Try to take your dinner before 7. And sleep after 2-3 hours. i.e. at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. If possible, try to go for a brisk walking for 15-20 minutes as this will lead to an increase in metabolism. When you sleep your metabolism rate slows down and thus the fat gets stored.

• Take regular measurement of your stomach and waist.

The most important tip to reduce belly fat for women is that a woman should feel good even she is fat. She must be positive and never get hurt by people’s comments regarding her figure.

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