Top 7 Protein Rich Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

Are you trying to shed some pounds but you don’t know the kind of food that you can eat to help you keep your caloric level in check? This is one problem most people who are trying to lose weight are facing. So you should be happy because you are not the only one going through this problem, which means there is a solution to it and since there is a solution, your problem is already solved.

The main factor that is involved with weight loss is your calorie level and once that is low, you will lose weight fast, that is one of reasons why most resources you see on the internet and what your weight loss instructor will always tell is you should not eat foods that have high calorie content, this is because they know that once you are able to keep your caloric level low, you won’t have any problems with gaining weight anymore.

In this article I am going to show you top 7 protein rich foods that will help you lose weight, and if you are able to eat these foods regularly or add it to your weight loss diet, you will lose weight fast and quick.

Lose Weight with Protein foods

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Lean Meat

If you are looking for ways to reduce you caloric level, then the food that will help you do that are foods that are high in protein which in this case is lean meat protein. White chicken and turkey are the foods that fall under this category and with them you can lower your intake of calories on a daily basis. With little over 35 calories and 7g of protein per serving, your system will be having a calorie deficit which is the main thing that your body needs in your weight loss program.

With people eating foods that are as high as 1000 calories in one meal, you will understand that your weight loss goals will be attained sooner than you thought possible. With this kind food in your weight loss diet, you will drop some pounds on a daily basis.


Egg is another food that is rich in protein. Eggs are also a good source of fiber. These different nutrients are very important for weight loss. If you are going to lose weight and lose weight fast you need to make sure that these nutrients are always available in your system.

Foods that are rich in fiber helps to keep you full for a long period of time, with that you can be sure that you will not have the temptation of overeating during you meal times. Overeating is one of the reasons why people gain so much weight and the cause of overeating is when the system is lacking nutrients to carry out its normal functions. With these foods you will reduce the amount of food that you are always tempted to eat.


Not only are these foods delicious but they are also nutritious, meaning they contain nutrients that your body needs to carry out its functions. One of these nutrients is protein. Seafood are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. There are seafood that gives you as low 35 calories per serve and just 1g of fat. Salmon offers about 55 calories in a meal, and only 7g of fat in it , with all these nutrients, some people do not know that they can get their caloric level to the to the barest minimum without having to stress themselves.

This is one of my favorite foods for weight loss and it has proven to be a sure way for one to keep their caloric level in check.

Brown Rice

Unknown to many people is the fact that they eat brown rice to lose weight. What many people are familiar with is white rice and that is why they seem not to be getting tangible results in their weight loss program no matter what they do. Brown rice will first of all help to increase your body’s metabolism and make you shed some extra fats by reducing the rate at which you eat.

This is possible because they are a rich source of fiber and that will increase your rate of metabolism. Instead of eating white rice which has no nutritional value, you should go with brown rice which is rich in protein and fiber. These two nutrients are the basic nutrient requirement for weight loss, so make sure they are in full supply in your body.

Oat Meal

Research has shown that those who eat oat meal in the morning before going out for their daily activities eat less during their lunch than those who eat hamburger with soda. This food has the ability to keep you filled up no matter how little you eat it. A serving of oat meal in the morning can keep your metabolism rate high and active throughout the whole day without you craving for food. It acts as an appetite suppressant.

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Dairy Foods

A very good source of low-fat protein is dairy products; these foods are also a good source of calcium which helps to prevent osteoporosis which is common in people who are trying to lose weight. Osteoporosis is the loss of bone minerals and this occurs during weight loss. Dairy products are your best shot in making sure that you don’t loss your bone minerals during your weight loss program.

Beans and Peas

Beans are not just a source of protein, but also a very good source of fiber. For example, you will notice that whenever you eat beans, whether it is brown beans or any type of beans, you fill full for a long period of time and also you notice that your craving for water increases. A serving of beans and peas will give a little about 35 calories, about 4 g of protein and just 1g of fat. These will accelerate your weight loss goals faster than you imagined before.

With these different foods that are high in protein, you will regulate your calorie level and keep it at bay. There are different methods that people employ to lose weight, but if they don’t watch the amount of calories that they get into their system, every effort they put into their weight loss program will be a waste of time and energy.

With these protein rich foods that are listed in this article, you will lose weight before you can say Jack Robinson.

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