Weight Loss Diet Plan That Really Works?

Type in ‘rapid weight loss’ in any search engine and you’ll see an overwhelming flood of search results with flowery promises and tips that should do the trick for you(in most cases). Hundreds of programs exist, thousands of tips and even more products, which are there to ‘help’ you out, mostly by charging exorbitant amounts for small things such as pills.

All of this will entice you to believe that at least one out of these hundreds of results is bound to work like the much needed magic and help you reduce weight in next to no time. You can think of trying one of those, but only, if you aren’t very concerned about your overall health and body because either these crash programs won’t work, or in the case they do, they will leave your body in a mess in more than one ways.

Here’s the kicker: there is no such thing as magic when it comes to weight, be it losing it or gaining it, unless of course you don’t mind the scalpel cutting away parts of you (sorry for getting a little gory with that example). Just like you can’t gain weight overnight, you can’t lose it overnight either.Gaining weight takes time;but more importantly, it takes a considerable and painful lot more to lose even half of it.

Weight Loss Diet Plan That Really Works

The weight loss diet programs can generally be classified into following categories:

Very low Calorie diets (VLCDs)

The major cause of weight gain is the excess calories that one takes; when the body can’t burn it off, it gets accumulate as fat. Cut back on calories and you’re on your way to a lighter self.These diets are medically supervised and in the entire bunch of weight loss diet plans are probably the safest and the most sensible.

Starvation diets

You don’t eat, you don’t gain weight. It’s as simple as that (or is it?). A staggering number of starvation diets can be found on the internet with one name or another (budget friendly diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage juice and so on). When you barely eat anything more than a few vegetables and fruit, coupled with one or two glasses of juices in a day, you will naturally lose weight over time, but chances are, you will lose your senses as well. Using such starving methods, you will be saying bye to your health and get ready for other problems such as fatigue, depression etc.

Pills& supplements and the likes

There are plenty of products out in the market with gibberish resembling medical research or facts e.g. our product will increase your metabolism, burn fat much faster, attack your cellulite etc, these products swarm the market, making laymen believe that the manufacturers know what they’re talking about, and believe is what people do. Billions are spent annually on such products in just America alone. These products are rarely known to work. They are advertised freely as magical potions, without any real statistical data or proof to follow.


There are some serious side effects that need to be borne in mind before taking up a rapid weight loss diet plan, be it of any sort. Also, there are problems attached with off and on dieting, such as the weakening of the immune system, so you need to be consistent, moderate, and patient. Exercise, the sweating away of fats, is one essential part in burning calories and any diet plan that promises miracles otherwise is not to be trusted. It is obvious that one must consult a local doctor/nutritionist/diet expert for matters related to health, especially if you are looking for quick results. Even if you wish to follow some sort of starvation diet plan, consult with a doctor, and things might work out.

Apart from the diet program, there are some things that you will have to incorporate in your lifestyle. A low calorie, yet healthy and wholesome weight loss diet is what you should be looking for, instead of opting for a rapid one. Adopt and carve it into your lifestyle. This way you will be able to save your health, money, time, and effort.

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