What Is Flat Belly Diet And How It Works?

The first thing to take into account when considering a ‘flat belly diet’ is that a diet alone will probably not get you your desired flat stomach, it must be something that is done in tandem with an exercise regime (more on this later). Many people set out in their quest for a ‘flat belly’ or ‘Six pack abs’ but make a crucial error. They either do loads of exercise but do not alter their diet, or they change their diet and do no exercise. This is not to say that either of these techniques will deliver no results, but that you are not making the most of your labours. The key to any sustainable fat loss is exactly that – making changes to lifestyle and nutrition that will produce results that last, rather than results that are superficial and may well end up in you putting more weight on after your diet fails.

How to choose the right diet?

What Is Flat Belly Diet And How It Works

The Daily Diet Plan is based on different calorie levels. Also the plan differs from sex. If you are a woman, then the lowest calorie intake will be around 1200 calories per day. And if you are a man then the figures will be 1500 calories per day. Very low calorie diets involve in consumption of food items which has calorie content in the range of 1000 calorie per day. But it should be practiced under medical supervision. Also periodic check up should be taken to take necessary steps for any health problems.

There are many factors which decide the choice of right diet. Some of them are age, amount of physical activity, current weight. Before take over a specific diet meal plan, you should calculate the amount of intake of calorie to lose weight. For example, if you need to lose a little weight, then you should choose the diet plan accordingly. You should know how many calories you burn thorough exercises and physical activities; also you should know the best exercise to burn the fat in fast manner. You should avoid pre-packaged foods and also junk foods. Salty snacks, use of sugar should be limited; instead you can eat naturally sweet items. Also you can eat beans and other vegetables which are very rich in protein content.

You can find Daily Diet Plan in many websites in internet. A healthy diet does not mean only low calorie content but also fiber, nutrient rich. Also regular exercise helps you to make your body free from unnecessary fat content and from various diseases. If you want to lose some undesirable pounds from your body, then you should strictly follow the diet meal plan. If you do so, then you will end up with better results and also it paves a way for happy and healthy life.


There are a huge amount of diets out there and frankly it can be quite hard to decipher which one is best, each one claiming to be based on some revolutionary research done by some unknown or obscure university or college. That is why you should ignore the vast majority of these fad diets and stick to proven techniques, GO NATURAL AND EAT HEALTHILY. Cut out the rubbish, and I’m not just talking about McDonalds or KFC as these are pretty obvious sins in the world of dieting. I am referring to the foodstuffs that are regularly consumed by those claiming to be on a diet – croissants, pancakes, desserts, soft drinks! These are foods that are packed with high fat content, croissants are basically fluffy versions of full fat butter and soft drinks are jam packed with sugar. It is essential to cut down on these types of foods because if you don’t then you are simply not on a proper diet.

It is actually pretty simple. Eat more fruit and veg, eat less meat and cheese. In the modern world we eat far too much meat and cheese, two things that in general are not particularly good for you (especially cheese). It is funny because the majority of people understand what foods are good for you and what foods are bad for you but, for one reason or another, are incapable of figuring out that this is all you need to know. Stop buying pizzas and chicken nuggets, buy more fruit, veg and lean meat. Stop eating a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar at lunchtime!

Diets do not have to be boring. The internet is awash with people sharing various healthy meal recipes. It seems to be ingrained into people’s thinking that a healthy meal equals a bland one. This is simply not true, expand your culinary skills and make your diet an exploration of taste rather than something you are being forced to do!


Stop doing 100’s of sit ups. This is especially poignant to those with a little more ‘cushioning’ around their midriff. There is no point developing your abdominal muscles when there is a layer of fat keeping them hidden away. Your main enemy is that stubborn fat and getting shod of this is the most important factor when getting a flat belly. As such, you need to incorporate an exercise routine that will help you burn the fat. This needs to be a mixture of both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Running, swimming and cycling are great cardio workouts to slim down and large compound movements such as squats and dead lifts will incorporate more muscles and help burn more fat than doing crunches. It pains me to see people hurting themselves doing too many crunches when they would get so many more benefits from a diverse exercise regime. They would also feel healthier and enjoy the exercise far more, thus making it more sustainable.

As I said at the start, changes to both your exercise and nutrition regime should be done in such a way that you find enjoyable and exciting. This is possibly the most important factor because these things take time and if you can only keep up your ‘diet’ for 2 weeks then you will not achieve your goals. Work out a way to fit it into your daily lifestyle in such a way that it is a sustainable approach to gaining that flat stomach. Lastly, stick at it and reap the rewards of your new physique. If it is done properly and in a healthy manner then there is no reason why your diet will not work long term.

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