What Is The Best Deal With P90X

After stuffing myself to the max on Easter, I find myself sitting here wanting to detox, exercise and never touch potatoes again.  And I find myself staring at my DVD’s and more specifically, the P90X DVD’s.  It’s time to dust them off again.  Do they work, you may ask? Are they extreme? Are they too easy?  Below I go over what’s great and not so great about this fitness program and you can decide for yourself.


Home Sweet Home

The single greatest thing (and for some the biggest pitfall) of this program is that you can do it from home.  All you need is the DVD’s, a TV and DVD player or computer and some space to move around.  There’s an optional pull up bar you can get but you don’t need it.  Bands and weights are encouraged as well.  There’s no driving to the gym, slogging through the rain, high gym fees or set time.  You can do the workout whenever.  For some people it might lead to slacking if they aren’t self disciplined.  For me, this meant I could work around my crazy schedule and get my workouts in.  


The program is 12 weeks.  You work out 6 days a week and rest on the 7th.  There’s a different DVD each of the 6 days.  I found the yoga one of the hardest while many people struggle with plyometrics.  Regardless of what you find easy or not, the variety of the workouts are great.  You alternate between legs and arms and core.  So one part of your body will be sore ALL THE TIME.  Which I liked, it means something is working.  The DVD’s get switched around in the 3 months as well so it rarely gets boring.  

Even the Pros Sweat

While Tony Horton seems to have the energy of a 5 year old and the stamina of a bull, the people he has with him doing the workout are at different fitness levels.  (Even though they all have successfully completed the program.)  They sweat and struggle too, which is great to watch.  Some of them are incredibly muscular (that blonde lady is scary strong) and others are just nicely toned.  It makes me hate them less when I feel I can’t do another pushup. 

Speedy Metabolism

I found myself starving all the time while doing this workout.  There was no way I could diet.  You burn too many calories.  While I did eat a ton of carbs and meat and cheese, I never gained any fat.  After spending years trying to figure out how to less, it was well worth the pain of the workout to be able to eat whatever.  And I drank a ton of water all day.  

Results? Yes and no. 

Something no one told me about this program was that my body would get thicker.  And not with fat but with muscle.  It really and truly pounds on muscle to your arms and legs.  But because I was toned, I didn’t care.  I actually put on 3 pounds by the end (lost in the beginning and gained by the end.)  However, even though it’s been 7 months since I finished it, my body still retains much of the muscle and it takes no more than a week to start shaping my body back.  Where in it took about 3 weeks to start seeing results the first time.  So a big YES to results, just not the ones I anticipated.

Yes this program is hard.  Yes it’s doable.  And you have to be committed to see changes.  But it’s incredibly worth it in the end.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  I even got my dad on it and he loves it.  Cheers to a new body and burning off the holiday add-ons!

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