What Is The Best Detox Diet?

Nowadays, health trends are all about “detoxifying”. It is one of the most prominent concepts of maintaining good health that is introduced to us by alternative health practitioners. Detoxifying is the process of flushing bad, toxic stuff from our bodies. This is commonly done with special diets. However, since the fad today is detox, many versions are surfacing. As a result, people are confused on which ones are effective, and which one is the best.

As a rule, there is no BEST among all the detox diets available. Yet, there is most likely one that is best suited to what you are trying to achieve. The key is to find the kind of detox diet that will work well for you; help you flush out your body’s toxins. Although most detox diets are very difficult to follow, especially if you are used to eating unhealthy foods and living a stressful life, the one that you should choose should look feasible for you. It must be practical yet effective.

Detox Diets: A Briefing


The common denominator of most (if not all) detox diets is the elimination of potentially harmful food groups and ingestion of healthier, toxin-dissolving foods such as fruits and veggies. While some of these diets forbid you to eat solids, some allows you to consume small amounts of carefully chosen items. Here are some of the popular detox diets:

Juice Fast

Juice Fast this is a type of detoxification diet that requires you to consume only fresh juices from fruits and veggies like wheat grass and beets.

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse one of the most popular of all detox diets, this is a type of juice fast that does not allow any other food. This 10-day diet involves drinking a mixture of lemonade, cayenne pepper and maple syrup (grade B).

Ayurvedic Diets

Ayurvedic Diets also called as pancha karma, these diets may include the Elimination Diet, the Brown Rice Diet, Macrobiotic Diet and Candida Cleanse.

Raw Food Detox

Raw Food Detox this involves eating only raw foods or foods that have not gone through more than 180 degrees of heat.

Although the diets mentioned above are gaining popularity, that does not mean that all of them works effectively or will work for you. It is always best to consult a medical practitioner like a physician or dietitian before trying any of these detox diets, and then you have the detox foot pads to consider as an alternative – but there has been conflicting opinions as to their efficiency.

Keep in mind that we all have individual health requirements, so following a fad is not always a great idea. Some experts even argue that detoxification does not really need a “special diet” to take place. It is more like going back to the basics: an all-natural diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic grains, meat and poultry.

Since the toxins generally come from processed foods, or plants and grains that are previously treated with chemicals such as pesticides, it is wise to start weaning our systems from these types of food products. Additionally, using cosmetics laden with chemicals also contribute on the toxin buildup in our system. By gradually eliminating the use of all these products, and switching to more natural alternatives, toxins are less likely to accumulate, thus lessening the need for a special detox diet.

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